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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Singles 2014 Launches With Case T

CARS diecast singles 2014 launches with Case T.

Yes, pretty odd. Every new year of every toy line gets a CASE A to get off the new year (whatever time the calendar is) with a fresh start. The letter A cries out to all – it’s a new start. We have new. You want the new. Get the new – it’s A – 1st! It’s Grade A. You can smell the fresh cardboard and blister – bask in the fresh off the boat and warehouse aroma (trust us, it smalls better than it sounds).

Even lenticulars got an A case.

CARS diecast 2014 singles is offloaded in the dark, rowed ashore and quickly packed on llamas with no fanfare, no huzzah, like it’s a rusting Yugo trailing gasoline.


T Case WM
Since I worked in PR, I can spin this 10 ways to hump-day!

10) Brand new cards! Be the fist on the block!

09) First release of one of the most beloved characters of all time – Mater – since 2009 … as a regular available everywhere diecast single on card AGAIN!

08) By popular demand – Fillmore with headset – no longer an exclusive!

07) Surprise Hydraulic Ramone is not really Hydraulic anymore – old school style.*

* Not to be confused with Old School Ramone.

06) Timothy Twostroke – never before available as a single!

05) N20Cola – Never available as a common singles release available everywhere where CARS are sold (and ordered by a buyer)!

04) Marlon Clutches McKay – Can you ever get enough? We do not think so! We mean that literally, figuratively and production wise.

03) Wingo with Flames goes in his own direction! Astonishing! It will astound you!

02) New(ly named) WGP Lightning McQueen – NEVER previously released EVER! (well, under this name so it’s NEW! NEW! NEW! and in tiny type underneath – name).

01) First time ever – CARS 2006 Lightning McQueen and CARS 2 Lightning McQueen in ONE CASE! A case to buy and keep SEALED forever! This case and assortment with its card design WILL NEVER be released again looking exactly like this. It’s a TIME CAPSULE of memories! Keep it forever!

Are you convinced yet!?

Raoul might be a unibody. You can’t tell from this photo, you’ll need to buy a case to be certain!

They may be the softest launch ever for a new year …

Thanks for the photo and heads up Rob (My 6 Kids)!

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  • bobbyjack says:

    I might pick up an extra Timmy and a I still need a non-lenty non-95 logo Guido, but other than that, I don’t need anything from this case.

  • LUCA says:

    Lightning Mcqueen 1/?

  • Sally.sweets says:

    I love that there are no Chases in this case ! Thank you one less car to track down but I kind of like it only getting 2 Timothy Twostroke and 1 Fillmore with Headset I missed him the first time. At least the Mega size have 2 new characters coming in the first case but yeah kind of weak start ….

  • vedderman123 says:

    WOW HORRIBLE!!! First planes and now this… They need to let it die or put out some new cars and stop re-releasing everything. Exclusives need to STAY EXCLUSIVE! or else what’s the point?

  • Tom says:

    Awesome commentary again. *Almost makes me want a case.*
    I wouldn’t mind Timothy Twostroke as a single but the rest are awfully common.
    The upside of 2014 is my Cars budget will be lower.

  • BMW says:

    Tons of repeats and few new castings on singles for this year.
    Hope the movie moments and exclusives will save the 2014 Cars year.
    Lackluster otherwise.

  • carcollector6 says:

    Wow, boring. Don’t the new year cases usually have tons of releases? 2013 anyone?

  • BMW says:

    Best reason for this case.
    Save ^$$$$

  • Jack says:

    New packaging but not one true new release and just in time for the Holidays. Absolutely Pathetic! and One of the worst cases of all time.

  • John in Missouri says:

    11) Francesco Bernoulli on new cardback for all you OCD completists!!

  • cac1959 says:

    It’s hard for me to get excited about that case assortment… I see myself buying 6 of the Cars if Raoul is a unibody, and that’s only because I collect Tuners and Mater on every cardback.

    Maybe they’re going to start with T and go backwards this year… Lizzie should be in this case – she’s a Model T.

  • hypercarrots says:

    10) brand new cards! be the fist on the block daniel-san!!! no honor bet of coward!!!

    raoul’s bumper still looks separate

    why is wingo facing the other way (west)?

    • John says:

      ’cause the real Wingo is dead and Mattel has put an imposter in case T

    • Danny says:

      I think due to the original placement somewhat hindering the view of the one exhaust pipe with flames. Since an unknowing customer may look quickly at these, one might misconstrue that one might be duped, seeing no real visible flames. Now, with Wingo going left, the pipe with flames is completely out there.

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