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Mattel – The Big Tent of Discount is Back Up

Every year, Mattel moves some stuff from their warehouses and puts up a tent near their corporate HQ in El Segundo to make a little extra before re-selling them to consolidators.

This MOTU discount might enrage some – pretty steep … it’s the fabled white box of exclusivity (well, not so much now). Looks like a giant pallet of them.


Surprise, they have Lightning, RT Mater & Finn left over from last year! They probably don’t have much CARS 2 left – there is the mega Mack Raceworld – Mack unfolds into three scenes from CARS 2 – no, it does make much sense. Down from $49 – I think.

cars mack

If you’re a Toons collector, this makes a nice display for the Wrestling CARS – especially at $14.


This was the big Mattel launch for 2014 – Max Steel – not going so well. No surprise, the cartoon is 100% generic, if Iron Man is not selling so well, how do you expect a character no one has heard of …


And a sign of the times, a white tape over the EXCLUSIVE SNIPE … Walmart?


Next step after the don’t sell at the Mattel Big Tent is a cut rate sale to consolidators/liquidators (who then re-sell to small discount stores/re-sellers) or to discount/outlet chains such as Big Lots (who have their own buyers who buy direct from Mattel) as some remaining cases from 2012 are popping up at Big Lots (NC store – photo by Steve N. – thanks Steve!)


Happy discount holiday shopping!

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