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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: Step Right Up! It’s the Grrrrreeaaat Tent Sale-O-Rama!

“John H.” was passing by El Segundo and saw a big tent – who can resist a big tent? I know I can’t!

Lo and behold, it’s a warehouse sale!

This might shock you but they seem to have marked down some CARS items that did not sell as well as expected …hard to believe!

Literally full boxes of Lightning McQueen’s – limit of 2 boxes per person – can’t hoard these …

Plenty of 3 packs … not many 2-packs …

A good deal on launchers – what they should be priced at to begin with …

And Quick Changers …

And plenty of the Quick Changer Macks, & Crabby Boats …

And a much better deal on the Stephenson Train Carrying Case which didn’t get much distribution.

And the Quick Changers Oil Rig – at $16, a reasonable buy.

Behind it, a Big Boots playsets, not sure what the Matchbox/HW group is thinking there … yea, let’s replace wheels on diecasts with a mini bean bag because kids are done with rolling stuff?

And of course, the weird Color Changers playset … at $8.49, a reasonable stand in for Ramone’s until you get a real Ramone’s House of Body Art playset.

The Monster Truck ring is actually a nice playset/display ring for your Monster Truck Mater diecasts … certainly at $11.99 – probably sales dropped off when Mattel stopped shipping Toons diecast … another strange plan.

And no shock here, a huge stockpile of Finish Line Frenzy, not much of a game and not much of an exclusive Lightning McQueen …

Still overpriced at $27.99 – not sure why they thought there would be a market for a $69 Mater that did made some noises but it’s no Thinkway Lotso Bear (which was also $20 cheaper). For $69, Mater should be able to drive up to you, shine a light in your eyes to wake you at 6:30 and then begin singing if you don’t press down on the hood and drive away as its snooze … and dispense a Prilosec …

And some GeoTrax also …

Thanks for the great photos, “John H.” Not sure how long the tent sale will last but it does not look like just a short term deal and it’s clear they have plenty of CARS to sell down … (you can probably call the Mattel store in El Segundo to check).

But drop me an email if you’re going, I might need one or more of the 3-packs to photo. Thanks!


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  • Mariela says:

    It will be up till Dec. 24th. Also the Industry store has a back room sale, not much difference, maybe less than that!

    Met if you need the 3 packs, I can get them for you.

  • OzzieMum says:

    Looks cool! My son would go crazy! He’d love the Mack!

  • Frank says:

    And the next day, Mattel is going to tell us that this tent somehow suffered an electrical fire and all the pallets were a complete lost….

  • hypercarrots says:

    all of the good 2 packs have already been pillaged. they had security guard finn.

  • Carsstrike01 says:

    Aww I would love to go there, definetly some Pit Stop Launchers at that price 🙂

  • John says:

    I wanted to buy something, anything, but there was really nothing there despite the pallet loads.
    I got the impression that the tent sale will be there for quite a while, Christmas? and that more things will be brought out. There was a “back room”, can a tent have a back room? with more piles o’stuff. Staff were shuttling shopping carts of things from the store out to the tent too.

    In the store Lightning McQueen Alive is $26. They also have a pile of Race O’Rama pump and go (sic) Sheriffs and Lightnings.

  • LUCA says:

    Why i’m not living in US? 🙁
    I Hate Italy!!!

  • BMW says:

    Is the tent sale the last stop before going to the liquidators?

    Petrov Trunkov

    Finns are gone from here, we have 50 dusty Petrov Trunkovs still on the shelves from last Christmas’s pallet as of today. Walmart asst manager told me that these are still active in their system.

    I told her I would buy the Petrovs for 25 cents and donate them to Toys for Tots. The manager scanned it and said these were 3,49. I replied that Petrov didn’t sell at 99 cents in April, so they will never sell at 3.49. I plan on going back again with my offer.

    Other Walmarts are getting newer stock, but not this store. Its a pitty because this store used to be a great one for finding new Cars.

    (MET: WM managers can make specific markdowns for their store … with the tent sale, Mattel can make a little more – for instance, most liquidators have been selling LM’s for $.85 to $1 which means they paid @$.40 to $.50 each – liquidators generally go on the 100% markup – though obviously if you’ll take 10,000 of their hands, they’ll discount it but generally it’s 100% … so Mattel can make an extra @$1.25 by selling it for $1.74 … though they had to put up a tent and drag it from the warehouse (Ontario or City of Industry) to El Segundo … and there are things even liquidators won’t buy 🙂 like that $69 Mater, I think Mattel was offering to liquidators for $14.99 which means they’d have to sell it for $30 and then the local discount would have to add their margins – no way is anyone really going to pay more than $24.99 at a discount store so basically if Mattel was willing to sell it for $7.99 – then there might be liquidator interest ).

  • cac1959 says:

    I’d love to go to a tent like that…

    And Tom – some of the Finn and Francesco are still in Indiana and Ohio… it just seems like you have all of them.

  • Tom says:

    Where are the cases full of Finn & Francesco? Oh, right, still on the pegs at my WM and Target…

  • Tom says:

    Wonder if they have the rare Petrov Oilski variant of the three pack? I have only seen it once.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Looks like the not so great tent sale.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I would buy that Oil rig to add on to our DS one for $16. Hopefully the ones at Target will get clearanced soon.

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