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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Themes 2014 WOC Cards Arrives on Pegs?

“Lane Change” spotted the new cards on the shelf at his Walmart – well, just two Raoule Caroule’s.


In looking over the listed first case of “2014,” while the “new” is not exactly too new, I could see a completist wanting the new cards but leaving Raoule behind? If the listing is correct, there’s only one Raoule in each case and it would seem we might see a few leftover Marlon Clutches McKay and Francesco’s left if this Walmart got 2 cases. 🙂

So, this could just have been mistakenly packed in one of the “2013” cases. Or will the two cards be mixed together since it’s NOT CASE A as it might normally be but CASE T? I guess we’ll find out for sure next week – CASE T is supposed to leave the warehouse next week so we might have a better answer but if you’re a card completist collector, look carefully, it’s pretty subtle.

You’ll also noticed they re-designed the WGP theme banner logo slightly.

From this photo, it looks like Raoule will remain the only WGP racer with a segmented face piece/bumper as the line crease is still there. I’m sure they’ll eventually do a switchover when we least expect it.


Thanks for the great photos, “Lane Change!”

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