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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Kmart Mystery Listing – CARS Day #11?

Well, a mysterious listing might portend a Kmart CARS Day #11?

It’s a Deluxe – oversized case assortment listed as a Kmart Exclusive.

So, is it like the May 2013 non-event where if you buy a certain dollar amount of CARS – with some new deluxe exclusive-first to market releases as an enticement – you get a free CAR mail-away offer along with this?

(It’s not like the on-going October 2013 mail-away since this Deluxe box contains 4 different diecasts with 2 not much of a mailaway inducement).

The case contains: Red & Chuck “Choke” Cables … AND … “Jungle Miles.”

Miles Jungle

So, perhaps “Jungle Miles” is the “CHASE,” (like Francesco Fan Mater) or one of the two exclusive CARS to Kmart (or first to market).

The other “new” listing is a “Race Track Tow Truck.”

It’s obviously not Race Tow Truck Tom as he is a single – is there a larger/oversized tow truck from CARS 1 or 2?

There is no date listed so it could be Spring 2014 or Autumn 2014.

Not related but pre-Jungle Miles Axelrod would be cool to get also.

Miles pre

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