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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Deluxe CARS: Lights, Camera, Action, It’s 2014!

The 2014 Deluxe/oversized CARS are here … in the oddly named CASE H (normally, it should be CASE A but apparently the new singles CASE is CASE T, I guess maybe Mattel was confusing themselves and has decided from here on out only to start with A letter codes when the calendar year reaches the new year … so now everyone else is confused).

Two new releases, one never in the US, Chuck “Choke” Cables was released internationally in 2010.

Chuck cables

And yep, it’s a variant. Chuck is now a unibody so 1 release for 2014, 1 variant – Collect ’em all!

chuck variant

Though if you want to get technical – Int’l released 2010 Chick “Choke” cables shared a body with Van/Van San/Leroy Traffik/Van with Stickers … however, Leroy Traffik with Snow Tires (while a segmented 2-piece body) is slightly different than the regular Leroy Traffik (besides the off road tires and jacked base plate, obviously). Leroy Traffik with ST has thicker door handles which the “new” Chuck “Choke” Cables has also – so technically CCC 2014 has two difference from 2010 CCC – unibody diecast metal (important) and thicker door handles (not that important but noticeable).

Nelson Blindspot – never released – all new. Though presumably, he’s a repaint of “Murphy,” the orange color SUV from the Sarge’s Boot Camp SUV Box Set.

Both from CARS 1, so if you’re a CARS 1 completist, two more to your list.

Nelson Blindspot

Thanks for the great photos, “Rob (My 6 Kids).”

It looks like Mattel figured if you’re going to make the plastic accessory camera, might as well get them both out of the way. Though it is a nice Pixar/Mattel touch that each camera is personalized – no doubt annoying the factory.

There are 2 Nelson Blindspot and 2 Macks in the H case of 6 (one each of Chuck & Red).

While I don’t have a final confirmation, it looks like the next few cases will all contain a Red & Mack. So, you don’t want to be shocked that things will be totally different in 2014, right?  🙄

2 mack

Thanks, Rob (My 6 Kids).

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  • Mariela says:

    Would of been better with 2 Chockes, but what can I say…it’s Mattel!!!

  • D J says:

    Am I the only one who noticed Nelsons headset is on backwards?
    EDIT: Maybe not, it looks like the mic part is still where it should be and this is just another part of it.

  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    Awesome days Met,Mugsy Liftsome,John Lassetire,
    Chuck Choke Cables,Nelson Blindspot Mildred Bylane, Cars2 recent releases. Excellent vehicle choices. And the yellow utility/pickup with gold piston cup aerial deco showing up loose in China. As ‘Bachman Turner Overdrive’ stated “Let It Roll” 2014

  • BMW says:

    It is nice to see Nelson coming, and Chuck finally in the USA.
    Nelson and Chuck were 2 of 217 Cars highlighted in the Cars Finder game Blu Ray edition so long ago. 17 of 217 have not been made. (The 3 announced for 2014 Clown Cars, Nelson, Cora Copper, I am not counting those or Chuck). Is Mattel going to continue to dribble out the Cars from the Cars Finder game?

  • Are these (re)numbered?

    (MET: Yes, the 2014 cards are re-numbered/number differently than the 2013 cards so no continuity).

    • D J says:

      Yes, and as you can see some Cars will be moved into different themes like Red and Mack. That also tells us Wheel well and Rust-eze themes will not be back in 2014.

      • I suppose, then, that the purest card collector needs to buy another Mack and another Red just because they’ve moved to a different theme and been given a new number. I wonder if I should buy these again even though (to me) the card hasn’t changed enough and the vehicle probably hasn’t changed at all.

  • Tom says:

    Great to see Chuck US release. Lousy case assort though, how about 2 Nelson and 2 Chuck, Mattel?

  • bobbyjack says:

    I don’t need another Chuck Cables, but Nelson Blindspot would be cool to find.

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