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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Sarge Boot Camp Box Set – YES, Sir!

Sarge’s Boot Camp – all great.

Sarge Boot Camp WM
TRU Exclusive – $29.99 – arriving around the country. While might be hard to find presently, there should be another shipment before the year is out and it might be back online again soon. Sign up for an email.


In a big country, we need big CARS …

And yes, Frank Pinkerton is the (hopefully) rare ‘Joker’ variant where under the knife, they installed his nose under his mouth … so if you’re viewing this on a computer, just turn it 180 degrees to get the right view. At first, I thought he had some desert running lights and some big air scoop … but no, just a butcher for a production installer … “Ai caramba,” is what the other CARS are saying.

TJ Dinoco

Size comparison to Dinoco Crew Chief – no small CAR by any means …


With Todd.

And Van …

And for CARS Diecast Trivia experts, the first box set where EVERY CAR has a identifiable license plate … including TJ obviously – Mr. TUF GUY.

Don’t forget to buy!

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