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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Disney D23 Expo Convoy Brothers UNBOXED! Scale & Size

Exterior Box of the D23 Expo Convoy Brothers plus buying instructions is HERE.

Unboxed Photos.

Closeups of the Convoy Brothers.

And now, in comparison – size & scale to other CARS diecasts …

Yes, these are not huge RV’s but then RV’s come in all sizes and since it’s not a set with Albert Hinckley, nothing is obviously too small in scale/size …

Barry & the boys

As noted, the longest of the Convoy Brothers (The G-Man) weighs exactly the same as Barry Diesel even though he’s less girth, height and length.

king me King Me2

King me.king side RV

There is camera distortion but the hoods are about the same location.


Basically, the RV Mr. G plus Mater is about the same length as a typical hauler. While it might not look like it, the very front hoods of the RV & the hauler are aligned.

hauler Pitty

Pitty v. RV v. Hauler.

Dinoco Storm

Dinoco Show exclusives UNITED!

fan crowd

Same price – same seats!

fan crowd2

I just wanna party everyday and every night!

fan shot

It’s hard to do an infield display as the plastic stands that nestle and hold the RV’s are glued down so if you remove them, you tear off the “grass” graphic … but if you wanted to, you could probably snip the raised areas off.

tray barry

Or if you don’t mind if it’s a little bumpy.

tray with barry-Elvis

Always room for the ladies …

tray Mia Tia

Well, that should be enough photos to tide you over until you get to D23 Expo.

Have fun!

Thanks Mattel PR for the set preview. Thanks!

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