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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Disney D23 Expo Convoy Brothers UNBOXED! Part 1

The exterior box is covered here.

Convoy Bros

And now UNBOXED!

The CARS sit on a inner tray. The outer tray (“Dinoco Hanger”) is easy to remove, it’s taped on the side and top, a quick slice and it opens up and the Convoy Brothers tray comes up & out.

Convoy tray

The clear plastic enclosure is taped/inserted into this tray – removing it takes a couple more tape slices underneath and in the back.

convoy wotray

You can keep the CARS on the tray and remove the plastic covering – popping it back into the Dinoco Hanger tray which “re-assembles” with a few tabs. Or display it as such … Though the words CONVOY BROTHERS are on the bottom part of the Dinoco Hanger tray.

convoy lidoff

They are KING.

Out Pro

K & N who have the tiny front bumpers are plastic but otherwise, all diecast metal. While K& N have a faceplate, it too is metal.  I & G are one solid piece of diecast metal except for tongue, mirrors and other attachments.

With their KIN, Barry Diesel.

Kin Barry

Barry is large – width, height and length but unlike Barry who has a plastic roof, Convoy Brothers K-I-N-G are mostly ALL DIECAST METAL.

Barry & the boys

Next to Dustin, again, Dustin’s back is ALL PLASTIC while these guys are metal.

Dustin & boys

Same with Elvis RV.

elvis & the boys

The decorative or add-on pieces (mirrors, flag, crown) are plastic but the rest is solid diecast metal. They look ultra realistic as RV’s.

Side RV

Excellent detailing on the roof vents/air units (these are plastic).

top view

Size comparison with Barry to the largest of the Convoy Brothers, “G.”

G Compared to BD

Though because of Convoy G as an all-metal diecast, they weigh EXACTLY the same – 9.2 oz.

Barry compared to the smallest RV.


barry small

They basically go from smallest to largest in spelling out K-I-N-G.

convoy top view

From the rear view, you can see they look ultra realistic as RV’s. I can sort of understand the LM flag as a tribute to LM being a nice guy at the end of 3-CAR race but Chick? Unless these guys are such good fans, they will root for The Bruins, The Black Hawks and the Rangers at the same time … er, not exactly like human sports fans.

Convoy Rear

More close up photos to follow tomorrow.

Great solid diecast metal CARS – heavy! Detailing is excellent and they look great as RV’s from the 1980’s and 1990’s – paint ops are good but not spectacular but it’s not like you can really pick & choose as they are in a sealed paper box on the outside … though if you are one of those replace & return guys, here’s one to go, “This one is not packed right, I want to exchange it.”


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