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Mattel Disney PLANES: Micro Drifter PLANES 3-Packs Complete?

There are 5 Micro Drifters 3-packs listed – 4 are listed as Target exclusives … “John H.” has found the latest/last one:

Bravo, Hector and Supercharged Dusty

MD Hector

And the first three spotted by “Rob (My 6 Kids).”

Dusty, Leadbottom & Skipper.


Ishani, Zed (but really Ned) & Ripslinger.


And Rochelle, El Chup & Bulldog.


As noted, these are listed as Target exclusives. There is a listing for a 5th 3-pack that does not say Target exclusive so what does that mean? It seems odd to have ONE 3-pack not an exclusive. The only place that might order a box of ONE 3-pack choice might be a supermarket but it’s still pretty odd. I guess if you spot any 3-pack not shown here, snap a photo but otherwise, it might be a choice no longer available.

There is also a Target 10-pack listed. Since there are 12 already shown here with no repeats … it’s hard to say what’s in the 10-pack though it certainly seems likely there will some exclusives – probably Echo? Navy Dusty?  Also it’s difficult to determine when it’s coming – it could be tomorrow, September or November … snap a pic if you spot that also.

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31 July 2013 Disney Planes, Mattel Disney Planes 6 Comments


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