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Now, This is a Private Jet
Posted in Travel on 31 July 2013
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If you’re gonna fly a private jet, you wanna look good while buzzing the tower and look like you could drop a payload on someone, right? The new Saker private jet … It does Mach .99 – apparently a mile every 6-seconds with a range of 1,600 miles … Looks pretty good but I’ll wait […]

Mattel Disney PLANES: Micro Drifter PLANES 3-Packs Complete?
Posted in Disney Planes, Mattel Disney Planes on 31 July 2013
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There are 5 Micro Drifters 3-packs listed – 4 are listed as Target exclusives … “John H.” has found the latest/last one: Bravo, Hector and Supercharged Dusty And the first three spotted by “Rob (My 6 Kids).” Dusty, Leadbottom & Skipper. Ishani, Zed (but really Ned) & Ripslinger. And Rochelle, El Chup & Bulldog. As […]

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Disney D23 Expo Convoy Brothers UNBOXED! Scale & Size
Posted in Disney, Disney Pixar on 31 July 2013
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Exterior Box of the D23 Expo Convoy Brothers plus buying instructions is HERE. Unboxed Photos. Closeups of the Convoy Brothers. And now, in comparison – size & scale to other CARS diecasts … Yes, these are not huge RV’s but then RV’s come in all sizes and since it’s not a set with Albert Hinckley, […]