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Mattel Disney Toon PLANES: Deluxe Versions Coming With “Avionics”

Mattel also has “deluxe” versions coming – only three announced …

Turbo Dusty, Bravo & El Chupacabra …

These all have mini batteries so it seems clear they will have sounds – unlike CARS, there’s no headlights on planes so maybe they will skip the ‘lights’ portion? (They will probably not bother to add mini lights on a normal plane – but hard to tell in this photo).

Since PLANES have much more room to stuff in toy avionics … er, sounds much cooler than saying a tiny speaker, batteries and a chip, right?

It seems most likely these are metal (just like the metal L&S CARS 2 releases from 2011) … as it’s also cheaper & easier if re-use the diecast bodies from the singles lineup.

They are probably waiting until the film comes out as not to give away dialogue.

Dusty-Bravo-El Chup Deluxe

But if these are metal, that will be pretty nice to have a scale version with sounds.

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