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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: H Case Update & Revision

This post earlier this week on CASE H has been revised/corrected/updated …

The difference is not huge but noteworthy. VERN did not make it but Donna Pitts was re-re-released in CASE H. (Thanks for the heads up, Fillmore1234) Also, there are 2 instead of 3 Cruisin’ McQueen’s and ONE “additional” Grem with Weapon.

CASE H Singles Grid

The rest stays the same – yes, there is one Rip Clutchgoneski.

The new mystery is now whether R is a “twin,” or now a sibling (a lot alike but not exactly?) with Vern and Yukio Super Chase instead of Francesca and Donna Pitts?


(Thanks for the info verification, Rob (My 6 Kids)).

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