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Mattel Disney PLANES: Retail Embargo June 28, 2013 … Or What’s an Embargo?

Of course, a PLANES Retail Embargo doesn’t make all that much sense as Disney Studios has pretty much released screenshots of every character – though it is helpful to the Disney Stores as the only place to buy PLANES product until June 28, 2013. 🙂

planes box

But of course, some retailers treat the embargo as a guideline and not a rule – you mean, it’s harder to make money when these are in the backroom and not trying to entice people on the show floor – that’s just crazy talk!

Rob (My 6 Kids) sent along these pics while shopping …

Sky Traack

Thanks Rob!

Here’s the set open – looks not quite as exciting as the box art … another weird thing. You need to buy a second PLANE so you can race … “side by side” but as far as I can tell, the only way to get another plastic PLANE is to buy ANOTHER PLAYSET! I do NOT believe the metal diecast PLANES work on this since you have to clip the PLANE into a guide clip so it won’t slip off the thin “track.” So, either someone forgot there was no plastic line extension OR it’s some weird plot to get you to buy other playsets.’

It looks like the diecast PLANES from Mattel will work with this “track set” …

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  • niftynigel says:

    A local Toymaster (franchise) group of stores near me received a number of cases in error a few weeks back. They had ordered 2013 Deluxe and Movie Moments (which have now been cancelled by Mattel UK).

    The store HQ contacted Mattel UK for a suggested price. Mattel promptly recalled all stock and informed the store that the official launch date (no pun intended) was Wednesday 12 June!

    The UKs largest supermarket chain Tesco (which has nearly 3,000 stores) are having a major toy section reset, week beginning Monday 10 June and they are saying that Disney Planes is part of that!

    I can’t beleive that the UK is getting Planes earlier than everyone else. That just doesn’t happen. I’ll certainly report if something does happen!

  • Refriedbeans says:

    Actually I watched a YouTube review by Blucollection and he shows that on the bottom of the planes there is a pentagon shaped hole on each one.

  • quercy says:

    Embargo does seems to apply in europe… Not only the playset but the diecast are already out for over aweek in the old countries… 🙂


  • John in Missouri says:

    Not neat!

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