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Disney PLANES: Does It Scale? … The Disney Store Vought Corsair

While we’ve had some planes or flight capable characters “CARS” previously – some were hard to define if they were accurate if they were the right scale since they were in the air (Rescue Squad Chopper) with nothing to really compare it to … or simply a “generic” flying craft that could be the correct scale size in “CARS World” (Kathy Copter or even Barney Stormin) as the real craft varies in size and could be that size – or larger – but close enough scale wise. There were a couple CARS flying craft obviously too small such as Dinoco Helicopter (too small to fit Mater) or Al Oft (a 1:55 scale version would need to be about 3.7 feet long – doable but not the most exciting of releases πŸ™Β  ). But they were mostly minor characters so it was acceptable that they might not be perfect – it was good enough to get them.


But in the case of PLANES – it’s much more important that they scale up correct and some are real planes. Since the releases are from the Disney stores, we can only start the analysis but there are also some Mattel clues to already add some things up …

Unixed sends along great photos to start our analysis.

From the Disney Store, Skipper, a Vought Corsair F4U (Wikipedia).


This was a cool looking plane 70 years ago and it looks just as cool today – the Disney Store did a great job in making it a diecast. There were dozens of versions – I’m no expert as to which one this is exactly/was but the later WWII models were around 33-feet so we’ll call it that). At 1:55 scale, he should be about 7.2 inches long, the Disney Store one is 5″ longΒ  – he’s close to 1:80 in scale (well, if you want to be more precise 1:785 scale).


Mater is reported to be a 1950’s Chevrolet 3800 (looks more like Bubba to me – some people say Mater is a 1951 International Harvester or a Dodge) – the 3800 length is around 196 inches so that’s probably pretty close – Mater’s tow bed is probably a tick longer than a typical pickup bed but close enough … so the Mater diecast is around 3.5″ long (a hair under but we’re not sending anyone to the moon πŸ™‚Β  ) so proper 1:55 scale – @3.56″ – so we can feel pretty safe in saying Mater is 1:55 in scale. Yep, you don’t need to toss 1,000 diecasts. πŸ™‚


So while Skipper should be longer, parked next to Mater, he looks appropriately right. Yes, he could be a bit longer but the other important aspect is the height.


I presume the Pitty, Sparky is the plastic one from this Disney Store “figurine set?”*

If you look at screenshots, the Pitty’s to PLANES are about that “height,” so the Disney Store ones are pretty much on target.

* The figurine set are all plastic/resin with non-rolling wheels but “John H.” notes, the Pitty’s are 1:55 in scale so if you want display items, they are nice, this set also contains a plastic Skipper which “John H.’ notes is about 1:140 in scale (about 50% the size of the metal version).

So, while the Disney Store Vought Corsair could be a hair longer, it’s hard to beat the world class reproduction of the real one, also mostly solid metal diecast WITH folding wings AND landing gear that goes up into the wing – super nice!

Skipper bottom

Pretty hard to complain. The Mattel one does not seem to have folding wings and I’m fairly certain the wheels are locked in the down position but we’ll have to verify the last part.

Another hint that the Mattel ones might not be up to par? Look closely at this preview of the Gift Set. Notice the Pitty is the same height as the PLANE (and Bulldog should be a much larger plane) …

Gidt Pack Box

So, the Disney Store ones are not quite 1:55, at least with the Corsair, about 1:80 in scale … but the Mattel ones look like they might be closer to the Disney Store figurine set, closer to 1:140 in scale …

Thanks for the great pics, “Unixed,” and thanks for the info, “John H.”

So, now what do you think of the Disney Store PLANES? And perhaps the much smaller scale of Mattel’s?

Some of the early releases are temporarily sold out but more should be due by July.

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8 June 2013 Disney, Disney Planes, Disney Store 4 Comments


  • GotFrank says:

    Ordered a DS Skipper this morning.
    Seeing these pics were the last nail in
    the coffin lid for Mattel’s planes for me.

    I’m still waiting to see the movie before
    I buy anymore though. Skipper being a
    cross-over character, I had to get him.

  • Refriedbeans says:

    I really would rather get the Disney Store Planes but they are SO expensive and there isn’t a store anywhere near me.

  • John says:

    The two pitties included in the figurines set are 1:55 scale, nice rolling wheels and painted not stickers.
    The small scale plastic planes’ propellers can be turned. (gently)
    None of the Disney Store Planes have working folding landing gear.

    Although Skipper’s folding wings are a nice detail, there’s no catch or spring in the hinge so when flying him a barrel roll results in suddenly folded wings and an uncontrollable spiral of death. A great delight to my little pilots!

  • gargan123 says:

    I’m sticking with the Disney Store Planes. I bought all of the 13 available from the Disney Store. They display really well with the Mattel Cars and visually look to be in scale. The only exception being Franz. He looks a little too large since he is supposed to be a VW, so I might get the Mattel version of him as well. I also got the Disney Store deluxe diecast Hector Vector helicopter. It also looks great displayed next to the Mattel Cars. I passed on the Disney Store deluxe diecast versions of Echo and Bravo and decided to get the larger plastic talking versions because these jets should be much bigger than the other Planes characters. I think they look great with the Mattel Cars too, plus the packaging from Bravo and Echo make for a great playset/diorama since they are packaged inside an aircraft hangar.

    Mattel won’t be getting much of my money on their Planes. I will want to pick up the diecast pittys and Franz to go with the Disney Store planes.

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