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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Toons Playsets Coming Back, More Diecasts?

It looks most of the playsets for the Toons (2009-2010) are going to be re-released this Christmas.

The CARS included in the playsets are all plastic and while we’ve had a few limited re-releases at Walmart, does this mean more singles & deluxe diecast releases?

Rescue Squad Mater

MTT Rescue Squad mater MC

Will we actually get the release of diecast El Materdor in the US finally? Will we get another cycle of people selling this all plastic Chuy at exorbitant prices on eBay?

MTT El Materdor MC

It’s actually unclear as to which Tokyo Mater playset we will see back as it just says Tokyo Mater …

Tokyo Mater Track Set MC Ninja kockout

And the cool Unidentified Flying Mater UFO playset with the nice giant Alien Mama Ship.


So, as of now, there is no diecast Toon singles (or deluxe) list outside of what has shown at Walmart, the wrestling Toon CARS and the gift box sets.

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