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Looney Tunes Golden Collection #1-6 – Amazon Sale Today

Nice deal on the 24-disc set of Looney Tunes cartoons. What more needs to be said. It’s not every cartoon short WB ever made but then the later years, the quality trends downward … but for the ones included (about 360 shorts), every single cartoon in this collection is unedited and uncensored! In the reviews, there is a full listing of every short including all the classic “DUCK SEASON! Shoot me now! Shoot me now!” along with about 100 other classics we can all recite. 🙂

This is a Gold Box deal – only good today and quantities may be limited.



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9 April 2013 Film 3 Comments


  • NascarFan says:

    Hey whatta ya know……its Duck Season…..

  • MackDaddy says:

    Had to have it! I couldn’t stop myself! Thanks Met! When I say WHOA, (clobbers the camel over the head), I means WHOA! (Yosemite Sam) 🙄

    (MET: Can’t go wrong with any Yosemite Sam ones … 🙂 ).

    • MackDaddy says:

      They’re now $124! Thanks for the heads up Met! I appreciate all the inside scoops you provide for us. When I told the wife and kids that I had purchased this, I was instantly overwelmed with gratitude! 😀

      (MET: Enjoy!)

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