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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Toon Diecast: Walmart Toon 3-Packs Arriving

Thanks for the great pics, “bubba101212,” of the first two releases and clues that lock down what the next two are.

Mater Greater

Mater the Greater plus Mater the Greater Fan Mia & Tia. They pretty much look like the last release.

Heavy Metal mater

Heavy Metal Mater, Rocky & Edie. Again, they look pretty much the same.

The next two 3-packs are revealed – yet another Mater the Greater 3-pack (they LOVE Mater the Greater).

Daredevil Lightning McQueen, Big Fan & Lug with Sign.

It’s not a legal lockdown since it’s just a photo but it does look like LM does NOT have Flames but again, we won’t know until it actually gets released. The Lug with Sign is an interesting choice but I guess a plastic sign is cheaper than doing “Nutty.”  🙄

The UPC for this set is: 7-46775-25753-8

Y9241 Mater

The 4th 3-pack is a Tokyo Mater based one with Tokyo Mater (with Flames), Manji & Paki or Teki. 🙂

The clues from the photos of this set might be telling or they are just photos. The photo of Tokyo Mater (with Flames) looks like the pearl paint SDCC Tokyo Mater (with Flames) so is that really the one included in this set?

Stay tuned (and send photos when they appear!).


The UPC for this Tokyo Mater set is: 7-46775-24090-5.

Thanks for the great photos, Bubba 101212!

And thanks to everyone else who sent in photos!

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