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Mattel Disney Toons PLANES: Official One Sheet & Character Names (Fuel Truck & The Pitty’s)

The first official one sheet for PLANES now that it is a theatrical release …

planes one sheet

Of course, we already have a preview of what the diecasts look like for these PLANES so the official film images essentially match what we already know.


You can see the new diecast image of CHUG, the Fuel Truck below. dusty

Pitty diecasts are shown below also. Pitty’s only come with a PLANE & a hanger facades in “Gift Packs.”


This is the first reveal of Colin Cowling – the RSN airship/blimp … no wonder Al Oft just got a re-release.

So, it looks pretty definite that PLANES will all be “oversized” Deluxe releases – the Pitty’s packed with a PLANE in a Gift Set only.

Here is a new high res look at CHUG, the Fuel Truck.

Planes Fuel Truck WM

(ignore the red part at the top, it’s just part of the hanger).

And the Pitty’s … now we know this is Dottie.

Dusty Pitty

Bulldog’s Pitty – Roper – seems to be a slightly new square shape? Bulldog Pitty

El Chupacabra is the classic Pitty shape. He should have eyes of fire though. 🙂 El Chup Pitty

And Ripslinger’s Pitty.

rip pitty

Thanks for the heads up “Fabian S.” that the new images were released!

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