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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Retail Roundup

Well, it certainly looks like CASE D will be easier to find. In addition to 1,300+ Aldi stores (and sale)

Aldi Box

“Moe A.” who sends along these nice photos says it looks like most of these are Monster Jams …


I guess unlike perfume or high fashion, diecast toys don’t need no fancy ambience to sell ’em. 🙂


It looks like this case has arrived at Target AND as Moe notes, also at WM!


Has the state of singles diecast buying actually reverted back to the normal days of yore (@March, 2009?) Dare we say it? Dare we believe it? Well, let’s not get carried away but one case normal at retail is nice but it’s like the NO WORK ACCIDENT DEATH – 6 DAYS sign – good but let’s wait until it gets to about 90 days before we start to relax.

So, case D at WM, Target and 1,300+ Aldi Stores (more than TRU stores) so off to a good start.

Case D Revised

And apparently they STILL have 2011 CARS in the warehouse, Moe checks out his Target store … Double Decker Bus. Holley with Wings & Red, nice but Hydrofoil Finn – urggh …


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  • JB says:

    Not sure who posted it, but thank you for the heads up on the Cars @ Aldi. I have finally been able to catch new stuff. Thank you from north of Atlanta, GA. = )

  • fongkx says:

    Any chance Cars gets restocked here?

  • bobbyjack says:

    I hope Mattel pays attention to the fact that when you put multiple new cars in the cases, they sell out fast! 2 days after these hit the ALDI’s most of the new ones were gone. There is no way it was just us Cars collectors buying them all either.

  • carslover says:

    my walmart got case d today and alot of stunt racers
    my target on the other hand has a lot of the old 4 packs and 7 packs from 2011 and 2012 they just put out more of these old 4 packs 3 days ago
    and the only single they currently have is francesco
    and the 2 packs are all from cae a

  • MakaylasMom says:

    So they have hit here is Washington State at Target on Wednesday and Today. Though for some reason when you try to purchase Krate Rainson Wash he rings up at $6.99, but you just need to tell the checker and they will change it to the regular $3.49……I have had them do this at two different stores without a problem.

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      I never knew Target hires stumps, who try to argue with you that “Well, that cars different than the others!” Duh! One of the cashiers at Central Area Target need some refresher course in logic.

      Yeah, Chuki, I got at least one Krate for you.

      • chuki_mama says:

        Thanks!!! When I went to Target only the Pegwarmers were there, but I was able to watch a little boy get excited about getting a McQueen with cone! It made me smile to see someone be happy about Cars.

        • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

          You’re welcome, the hunt goes on. I’ll be checking Target again on Monday.

          • materrocks says:

            Thornton, CO
            I have had the cars finding Angel watching over me the last couple of days. Went to two different Targets, Fri and Sat. and have had great luck. One Target I found Hornet McQueen and Sally on Fri. Yesterday at another Target I found, Tubbs with spray paint/Tolga, Mike Lorengine, Harumi, Franca, David Hobbscapp with headset, and D.J with flames. Oh happy day. Haven’t had this much fun in a long time

  • Sandy says:

    Hello all!
    I find this case today at Walmart. I finally see something new after months of nothing. Saw this case except there were 3 DJ’s and 3 Body shop Ramones. No checkered flag Dexter or Security Finn. But a great case overall. This case will be gone by the weekend. So happy I found something new. My son will be so happy when he gets home from school.

  • BMW says:

    Not here yet!

  • collectormom says:

    In June we are moving to Fort Lewis, WA from Fort Drum, NY. I really hope our luck changes with this move. Aside from finding DJ and Wingo at Aldi a few days ago there have been no new Cars in this area in forever. Target and both WM’s have 2011 Cars, KM has nothing but a few leftover KM Day Cars. I really miss going into a store and buying Cars at retail!

    • AidensMom624 says:

      Collectormom – we were at Drum for 4 1/2 years, that’s when Aiden’s love for Cars began. Luckily when it first started they still had KB Toys in the mall & they would get them in regularly. I got tired of trekking down to Syracuse to look for Cars !
      We’re now at Belvoir – we have a zillion Targets, Walmarts, TRU’s around us …. Let me know if I can ever help you out 🙂

    • MakaylasMom says:

      Hi collectormom…..I live in Thurston County in Washington and work a lot in Pierce County where Ft. Lewis is, there are several of us collecters here in the area.

    • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

      Welcome to Washington State. You’ll be giving up the winter freezing cold and snow of upstate New York for the perpetual rain of western Washington. I’ve been here since 1976, married to a Washingtonian. You’ll grow web feet and rust! You’ll find ample Wally Worlds and Targets. I think I ran into MakaylasMom at Target several months ago. Chuki is in Thurston County. Steve: AKA: Poppa is in Pierce County.

      PS: My father was stationed at Camp Drum prior in the 1930’s. I remember his story of being told, if you get lost in the woods in the summer, look for the trail markers thirty feet up the trees. You’ll enjoy Mt. Rainier and in the same day get down to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Raekwonn says:

    Whatever happened to the deluxe case with Taco Truck Mater?! 2012 Case T I think. At this point I’m glad I grabbed the Disney Store version.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Met, are those numbers reversed on Sarge and Security Guard Finn? I’ve found 4 Case D’s at my Walmart and there are LOTS of Security Guard Finn’s on the pegs; Sarge, not so much.

  • SCAVENGER says:

    Great to see a bunch of happy Cars collectors recently, lets just hope the wave keeps on coming!! Come on Case F!!!

    I have been seeing a lot of Double Deckers/Red around my targets lately. But thats about where it ends for them! They have had no new singles since before xmas. I have been seeing the 4 and 7 packs though, for that i am grateful! Im in NJ btw.

  • cac1959 says:

    I found one case D at one Meijer a week before it arrived at Aldi… there’s still way too much older (2011) stock at most stores in Ohio and Indiana.

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