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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Aldi’s $2.99 Singles Sale (Special Case D)

“LaneChange” sends along some great photos and info on the Aldi’s Easter sale.

aldi ad

CARS & Monster Jam $2.99 (plus Barbie)

They got a special dump bin for their promotions.

Aldi bin

It’s essentially CASE D but a couple extra Sarge’s and only one Krate Rainson-Wash but close enough …

From “LaneChange,” The shipper I saw had the following:

UPDATE: While your store will get D case contents, it seems to be totally random, the warehouse that re-packed these simply filled up trays – presumably with the only instruction to make it sure there’s a variety and not 25 Shu’s – the rest is totally random so some stores, you might find only 1 of a particular diecast.

Collector’s Note – they stickered over the Mattel UPC so everything in this bin rings up as one UPC.

Sale starts today – “LaneChange” already has his safely at home. 🙂


Thanks for the photos, heads up & info, “LaneChange!”

Happy shopping – also note, if you are in the Aldi’s ad flyer area, you can take it to Walmart, Target and TRU for a price match!

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  • jezter says:

    sweeeeeet… we just got an ALDI about a month or so ago… I guess I need to check it out then…

  • Wraukn says:

    The 3 Aldi’s near me each had 6 trays. Random assortment for each store. The store in Springfield, MA had a lone Mike Lorengine. Wonder how he snuck in? Finding all these was just like Cars olden times!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Don’t forget to use the Aldi to get price-matching through Saturday! Sunday will be too late.

    Also, what’s weird is the tray shows Miles Axelrod (not in Case D) and Francesca (not yet released), while the ad shows Mater & The King (both are not in Case D).

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Wow, Aldi’s distribution and display set-up seemed to happen right on schedule, nationwide. What a magical assortment too. Now why can’t the big 3 do this? Thanks for the timely tips Met and T5ers!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Bought 19 Cars at Aldi’s yesterday. There were 4 Wingo’s, 2 DJ’s, 3 Krate’s, 2 Body Shop Ramone’s, 1 Dexter, 1 Shu, 2 Lewis, 2 Fillmore, 1 Security Guard Finn, as well as a few others. Happy Hunting!

  • flarf says:

    I’ve never even heard of Aldi’s! Where are they? (I’m outside Philadelphia)

  • Tom says:

    I went to 5 stores, (all west of 695). Each had 3 trays. At 3 of the stores, the trays were fresh. I only saw 2 Dexters and 3 Eric Laneleys and maybe 4 Security Finns.
    Each store had at least 1 Krate and 1-3 Wingo and DJ.

  • Pontiac Michigan says:

    Went to 3 local ALDI’s, with varing assortments. Did manage to
    pick up most of the new ones out for now…..choose wisely, as
    well over 50% of the individual packs had surface scuffing from
    rubbing together in transit (either by sea or delivery truck). I
    keep mine on the cards, so it was tougher to get one of each, but
    better than nothing. No local brick and mortar stores have anything
    beyond the Walmarts dump bins a few months back……

  • cac1959 says:

    I’ve been to 2 stores… one had 1 tray with 8 Cars and I bought 4… another had 3 trays… assortments and amounts are totally random… I’ve yet to see Shu or Security Guard Finn.

  • Lane Change says:

    I would say that they are totally random. I’ve been to a few stores, seen anywhere from 2 trays to 5 trays. I’ve only seen the Security Finn at one store, some didn’t even have the Ramone.

  • Tom says:

    It seems these trays were randomly packed from Case D and different stores have different assortments?

  • John in Missouri says:

    I stopped at an Aldi 30 miles from home last night JUST AFTER they rolled out all the toys. They only had one blue tray with 15 Hot Wheels Monster Jams and 8 Cars: 2 Krate’s, 2 Erik’s, 2 Miguel’s, 1 Chick, and 1 Lightning. I’m hoping my local Aldi has a lot more this morning.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Three trays at my local Aldi this morning. I picked up 13 Cars: 1 Krate, 4 DJ’s, 3 Wingo’s, 2 Lewis’s, 2 Chick’s, and 1 Erik Laneley.

      Left behind 11 Cars: 3 Ramone’s, 2 Security Finn’s, 2 Fillmore’s, 2 Miguel’s, 1 Rusty, and 1 Lightning. There were not any Shu’s or Luigi & Guido’s.

      I was also able to use the Aldi ad to get a price match on 2 Case D’s at Walmart. I left behind bunches of Security Finn, which I think were leftover when they didn’t put out complete cases the other day. There were also no DJ’s, which I imagine are still in the case since the pegs were full again.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Found them all yesterday in the first ALDI I went to except for Wingo. Another ALDI I hit hadn’t put the Easter toys out yet.

  • OzzieMum says:

    I wish Aldi Australia carried stuff like this! Nice score for the US though!

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