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TakeFiveADay Checklist Magazine St. Patrick’s Day Sale & Coupon Code

MagCloud, the company that handles printing and fulfillment of our checklist magazines is having a St. Patrick’s Day Sale – coupon code “March17”  thanks Dr. G532 for the update! … just click on this link to go our page or the graphic below.


I just tried the ‘March17’ code which “seemed” to work, I got the discount but it also said the code didn’t work – weird but it should knock the $7 off.

Deal expires March 18.

(Still working on the CARS 2 one, very complicated in trying to unearth every variant so it probably won’t be ready until end of March).

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  • Dr G532 says:

    You do need a code “March17” in order to get the $7. I tried without a code and no bonus. Luckily their Facebook page had the code 🙂 Just ordered the two new magazines from January for the wife and kids to give to me for my birthday! 😉

    (MET: Thanks for the heads up, they sent me an email – no mention of the coupon code or their Facebook page – thanks for unearthing it! And thanks for buying and supporting T5!)

  • sallychula says:

    I am not able to open my magazine from MagCloud app for Ipad. The application crashes upon opening every time… 🙁

    (MET: Some apps work better after restarting the ipad – have you tried that? power down the ipad – hold down the power button until the SLIDE TO POWER DOWN appears – let it power down. Then press the power button to restart – hope that help!).

    • sallychula says:

      It still not working… Glad I have the PDF! 🙂

      (MET: Sorry to hear it – you can email the PDF to a iPad email address and then save it to the “Bookstore” shelf.”)

  • sallychula says:

    Finally got mine! 🙂

  • John in Missouri says:

    For those considering these magazines, DO IT!! They are well worth your money, sale or not.

    • Raekwonn says:

      which book would be best for focusing on the Piston Cup Racers and all of their variants/versions? I just dont know where to start. I assume the complete list doesnt have visuals.

      (MET: The checklists on T5 are text lists. There are two main magazine checklists that encompass all CARS 1 diecasts (alphabetized or year by year). Of course, the Piston Cup racers are included but they are not “repeated” as the re-releases of the MSOS full set of 36 essentially look the same as a small photograph so to save space the re-release sets are not shown (the Apple CAR is not repeated of course). I am thinking of doing a racers-only issue of the magazine checklists).

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