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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Toons: Walmart 3-Packs

We still don’t have the complete info yet such as when they are arriving but the Toons 3-packs are Walmart exclusives and they are $15.97.


One of the 3-packs is called THE CONCERT so it seems pretty likely it will include 3 TOON CARS from HEAVY METAL MATER – probably Heavy Metal Mater, Heavy Metal Lightning McQueen and likely either Rodney the Rocker or the easier Dex which is really just a Mel Dorado-Tex Dinoco production version.

HM Mater

Music Video mater won’t fit in the box and it’s hard to break up Eddie & Rocky … or Mattel could pull out the “exclusive car snipe!” so along with HM Mater & McQueen, it could be the drummer Pitty – new and easy to create …

(BTW, if you want your checklist in chronological order – this is the complete checklist for you).

The other 3-pack is called THE FEARLESS which would seem to indicate a MATER THE GREATER box set. Too many to show – but the obvious one is Mater the Greater (the one with the helmet) + one of the Lightning McQueen with Rockets (finally the flame one?) … if we get the LM with rockets, we’re almost certain to get a Pitty or maybe the oddball “Big Fan.”

Or will the 3-packs each contain a LM & Mater + “New” so we’ll all have to collect them all?

You can click the checklist magazine preview to see them all.

That leaves 2 3-packs un-named as of now … is it’s for Rescue Squad Mater (FIRE IN THE HOLE!) and what else – UFM or El Materdor?

(Since Wrestling is covered with the “singles” release and Tokyo probably covered by CARS 2?)

Thanks for the heads up & info “JD.”



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  • plove says:

    I think THE CONCERT is going to be Heavy Metal Mater, Eddie, and Rocky based on what I have seen on eBay listed out of China. You can get an idea of what coming from seeing some of those listing. THE FEARLESS is going to be Mater the Greater, Rocket McQueen, and a Pitty. Also, there maybe be a Rescue Mater set coming too.

    I actually recently bought “Jeff Gorvette’s Biggest Fan” from China and it came the other day. I saw it and had a feeling he was going to be an exclusive in a four pack at Target or TRU. He has some minor paint issues, but it beats paying full price for three other cars I already have.

    (MET: Jeff Gorvette’s Biggest fan Clutch Foster is in a 4-pack already arrived in AUS).

  • carslover says:

    well for now its a big wait and see if i actually need any of them

  • RodredlineM19 says:

    Am I the only person on here who is excited about this? I don’t see how anything is wrong with the toons coming back.

    Anyways, I hope they release cars from Time Travel Mater. I would love to see the actual Stanley!

    • twins081700 says:

      Nothing wrong with Toons coming back…in fact I am looking forward to filling holes in my collection. But I will believe these will be in Wal-Marts when my own retinas are stimulated with their presence.

      (MET: That’s a SCIFI scene I’d like to see. 🙂 ).

    • OzzieMum says:

      I’m really excited about this also! Toons were something I wish We collected from the beginning so I’m hoping this will fill some gaps in our collection. Very much looking forward to their release!

      Can any of the Aussies (or anyone else for that matter) verify whether Toons were ever released in Australia previously?

  • twins081700 says:

    I do not think at least I need to worry about finding these “Wal-Mart exclusives” anytime soon since I have seen pegs for singles eliminated going on 3 months now, no red dump bin or side-kick over the holidays, and the rest of the diecast is not looking any better. Something is happening at the retail level and I am beginning to get a little scared.

  • cac1959 says:

    At the $15.97 price, it sounds like 1 Deluxe ($7.97) and 2 singles ($3.88 each).

    I remember the Toon 4 packs starting at $19.99… and when they went up to $29.99 that was too expensive for me – only bought the one with Eddie and Rocky…

    El Materdor would be awesome… I never saw Chuy in a store either.

    (MET: Using logic, reasoning and the scientific backing of math … you are either right or a naked village of matty head wearing freaks will stone you as a witch. 🙂 ).

  • Mike Manifold says:

    An El Materdor set would finally give many of us an opportunity to own the real diecast. I’ve got the plastic stand-in thus far, thanks to the massive WalMart Clearance section whatever year that was.

  • BMW says:

    Oh, just more repeats.

    (MET: I am just guessing but based on precious re-releases … :-/ ).

  • Cherie says:

    How exciting – old Cars.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Not too exciting… especially the $16 price, which is over $5 per Car.

    As long as Mattel releases Toons I don’t have I’ll be happy. (which is quite a lot.. I’d love a UFM box set since I never got a single one from that Toon)

  • D J says:

    Hopefully its HM Mater,Lighting,Eddie,and Rocky.

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