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New NASA Spacesuits Looks Ready For Infinity & Beyond …
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Just don’t call me a space cowboy? Via TESTED. Surprise, when William Shatner sends a tweet to space, he gets a response from an astronaut (who’s hopefully not wearing a red shirt). And it looks like when we’ve used up this Earth, Earth 2.0 is not that far away. Blue One! Shotgun!

Disney Pixar: Concept Art From the Next Four Pixar Films
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Stats: and 3 Comments has concept art from the next 4 Pixar Films … including The Good Dinosaur – May 30, 2014 release. Directed by Bob Peterson. The film is described as follows: What if the cataclysmic asteroid that forever changed life on Earth actually missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct? You can check […]

Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store Chase Long Ge (Now Online)
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There is a new Disney Store Chase CAR that arrived just before Christmas. It’s a little cultural faux pas to place him with a Tokyo street backdrop. 🙂 But looks nice. The next CHASE is the spiffed up Rescue Squad Mater – while Rescue Squad mater has been released by the Disney stores, the next […]