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How’s It look in Retail Land Out There?

Markdowns have begun – but is it anything good?

Retailers say they did not have a good Christmas.

What are you stocking up on?

target empty

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26 December 2012 Toys 6 Comments


  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    In various WalMart around Pierce County there are some single packs of Case A on the pegs. The Target toy sections look like Sandy swept through the aisles; total disarray from shoppers.

  • Raekwonn says:

    Thanks, I’ll have to hit up Target tomorrow for the 12 pack sale.

    Seriously though, the last 2 weeks before Christmas there were no new singles anywhere I went, so how did the retailers expect it to go??

    Only mildly interesting development around here is that now TRU has apparently one of every launcher, but at the $13 price, and after opening them with my kid at Christmas and seeing how easily they fall apart, that is an easy one to pass on.

  • collectormom says:

    We also found the 12-pack for $24.99 and finally found the 7-pack with David Hobbscap. For some reason that one was not on sale. It was hard to pay full price for it but its the only one we’ve ever found. I looked up prices for just Hobbscap on eBay and Amazon and I’d pay at least that just for him. I’m hoping it’ll go on sale in the next few days so I can get a price adjustment.

    Also, finally found Leland Turbo at the PX today. A blast from the past! It’s crazy but we’ve had really good luck finding old Cars lately, ones we’ve never been able to find at retail. Its been a nice change for us ๐Ÿ™‚

    (MET: David Hobbscapp with headphones is coming as a single so if that’ll hold you, no need for the 7-pack. The other CARS included are nice unibody upgrades if you’re a complete completist but as a casual opener, they are just re-releases …).

    • collectormom says:

      Good to know! We haven’t had much luck finding stuff here in Northern NY since we moved back here last year. Next year we’re moving to Washington state so maybe our luck will change and I’ll find Hobbsy with his headphones.

  • Cherie says:

    Here in OH the Target 12 pack is now half off from $50 to $25. There are still no new cars on the pegs.

  • cac1959 says:

    I had hopes to do a little shopping today, but we’re under a blizzard warning in Indiana… they’ve bumped up the predicted snow amount to 8 to 12 inches with 30 to 40 mile per hour winds…

    With better inventory Cars sales would have been better… when all stores have are the Mel Dorado case (many Walmart), Finn singles and Finn/Tomber and Mater/Zen Master Pitty (Meijer, Kmart) 2 packs, that’s not good… it looks like the 2013 case A movie moments are going to be pegwarmers for a while.

    (MET: Only too many Finn’s would stop a CARS shopper, not no blizzard. ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

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