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Disneyland John Lasseter – Chip Foose Signing Goes Better For Some …

The recent John Lasseter/Chip Foose signing went much better for GoDodgerBlue … in fact, it sounds a lot more like what you’d expect … it certainly seems like the problem was with the Disneyland Store “Off the Page,” somehow underestimating that people would be interested in seeing and talking with John Lasseter & Chip Foose …

In addition to the great photos GoDodgerBlue sent along, he sends along some captions!

I was able to get to meet John and Chip!  They were so cool, especially to my kids.  It was too bad that Disney rushed us through.  Both John and Chip seemed like they wanted to chat a little, instead of just sign and move on to the next person.  Anyway, it was crazy.  I heard a lot of people were disappointed in the way the event turned out.
I heard that both Chip and John stayed longer than the two hour allotted time.  John had to leave after five hours (maybe had to attend Disney business with the candlelight ceremony at Disneyland that night).  However, Chip apparently stayed until he signed something for everyone who had come to see him. 

I got there when the gates opened and made a beeline to the store.  It appears that the first 60 people got a numbered voucher.  Those 60 people were the first to meet John and Chip.  Judging by the way things played out, I think Disney figured 60 people at two minutes per person, which equals the two hours that they specified.  If they had time, they could take others on a first come, first served basis.  They really underestimated the crowd.  
Attached are some photos of the Lassetire truck, Foose print and John and Chip signing.  
It was too bad that I could not get more photos, but Disney really pushed us through the line pretty quickly.
Nice! Very chromey!
It was kind of overwhelming meeting such greats in their respective fields.  Being the first time at one of these events, there was a lot I did not know what to do or expect, so just kind of went with the flow.  Next time, I hope to be able to slow things down and soak up the experience a little better.  
Looks like you had the right plan on attacking this … thanks for the great photos, glad your family had a nice time and got to meet John & Chip – very cool! The kids look cute and happy – very nice day!
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