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Disney Pixar CARS: Frank Tractor Tipping Set at SF Union Square Store

Spotted at the Disney Store San Francisco Union Square Store … CARS Frank the Combine – Tractor Tipping Set.

My guess is there are gone already but it might be worth a call to a large city relaunch Disney Store near you.

The Disney Stores “retail” stores added as getting it in stores might include large metro area relaunch stores so besides SF, that might be LA, Chicago, etc … so try the “flagship” store in a large major metro area (besides MYC Times Square).

There is a store locater on the DisneyStores.com website.

Good luck!

Thanks for the nice photos, “Nikko.”


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  • Cherie says:

    I missed the earlier posts about these sets. Are they really limited to like 1500 sets? I just paid the CTC price of $59 (with the $20 discount). I figured this was worth is if these are really limited in number.

    (MET: there was at least a second listing – most likely it’ll be eventually under 3,000 but the numbers only matter versus demand … plus most Disney store items will get opened so the supply of them in boxes sealed will always be much fewer than demand …).

  • nikko says:

    The price is 59.99 minus 20 dollars off so 40 bucls

  • John in Missouri says:

    What is the price in-store?

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