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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Missing 2012 Porto Corsa CARS Slow Flow

In September, when a large number of diecast cases were canceled, and with the new Walmart’s Fall plan-o-gram looking promising AND Walmart had apparently agreed to purchase cases N&P which appeared on no list before – it was hopeful that most of the new CARS would get repacked for Walmart but with each passing day, the plan looked dimmer and dimmer and now that the new card designs are shipping, the likelihood is looking very slim to nil. And clearly Walmart did not purchase N&P so time for Plan C?

So, let’s take stock … er, of the stock situation 60 days later …

Some of the CARS diecasts in limbo were released with varying degrees of release: some were only available in limited quantities as purchased by non-Big 3 resellers … (especially the cases with the 1:1 ratio of SUPER CHASE CARS) but these “smaller” resellers had no real reason to purchase the “twin cases” that had no SUPER CHASE – out of the @15,000 produced of each case, if 4,000 had the SUPER CHASE, that left @11,000 of the “twin” case available. My personal belief is closer to 3,000 of the SUPER CHASE were available to purchase – they probably sent a few hundred to Disney & Pixar (just the SUPER CHASE diecasts) – so if the cases are closer to 3,000, after US resellers and shipments to Australia and other countries okay with English only cards, it’s plausible they were sold out. To note, the Mattel warehouses claim they had and have zero of cases G & H which pretty much disappeared overnight in September – strange that. Same with the other cases: J, K, L, M & W – one day in the ordering system – next day – canceled or sold out.

So, it seems these CARS have been shifted around but released in enough quantity to qualify as “regular” releases:

Celine, Acer with Torch, Alexander Hugo & Mary Esgocar made their way into Kmart cases so its distribution can be considered “normal.” Celine & Acer have also shown up in Europe. Becky, Don Crumlin, Bindo and Prince have also all shown up in Europe. Suki, available in Europe but just released in the US should see actual wide distribution at retail. Prince Wheeliam and Bindo did not get wide distribution in the US – the two of this grouping most likely with few thousands left over in the warehouse and will probably show up at a consolidator or liquidator retail store in the next few months.

That leaves us this group of 6.

Otis, Alex Vandel, Galloping Geargrinder and Nick Cartone have shown up in Europe but that’s not nearly enough to absorb all of ones produced – most likely, there are thousands left in the warehouse somewhere.

It looks like some of these have started to show up at Walmart (Texas only so far but that makes sense as Mattel’s warehouse is in Fort Worth). Is this the mysterious case N & P? Will more retailers get these? Just WM stores? It might take a few more days to get stock in your store the further away you are from Texas but chime in if you spot it on the shelves and if it’s elsewhere other than WM? Let us know.

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