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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Stores Mega Deluxe World of Racing Box Set (NOW Online!)

It’s definitely MEGA … The Mega Deluxe World of Racing Die Cast Set.

@$119 – you get 22 Disney Store 1:43 scale CARS.

I’m pretty sure this is the first box set with THREE Lightning McQueen’s in it … the CARS 2 WGP racers are all chromed up. Apparently this is the year of the chrome paint … was it on sale?

The second thing anyone notices? Where the holy !@$&^$%&!!!! is RIP CLUTCHGONESKI?


Three McQueen’s, it’s $120 and no **** *************** Rip Clutchgoneski?

I think that’s Cruisin’ McQueen in the front …

Plus the tuners (nice) and the announcers with headphones (nice) … BTW, the way, the pop up snipe reads EXCLUSIVE CHROME FINISH …

This set could also be called BOSTON FREEWAY DRIVING or The 405. 🙂

These racers look nice with a chrome finish but …

Unless they release Rip Clutchgoneski in Chrome – this set is not complete …but perhaps it’s coming in a display case …


Thanks for the great pics, “Infiniti McQueen” and “Grinnin’ Cheshire.”

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