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Disney Pixar CARS 2: iPad AppMates CARS Clearance and EOL?

“John H.” found these in Target Electronics – looks like they are closing out the Appmates iPad CARS “game,” and CARS.

The iPad game is free – it “recognizes” the CAR and lays the road out in front of you … there are some task elements but most of it involves driving … at $4-$6 bucks, it’s certainly work a spin. I think the problem is that at $12 to $20 for a car or two was just a reach as it was more of a tactical sim than anything else … it definitely needed more interactivity … and frankly, we pretty much want the car to talk to us and almost sentient … like Mater telling us, “Siri says it’s gonna rain in 73 minutes, you still have items on your todo list for today … shoot, we better hurry!”

But for @$3 a CAR, worthwhile and amusing.

Thanks for the heads up and photos, “John H!”

These AppMates are not from Mattel but Mattel did release their own version for Hot Wheels – anyone test them out?

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25 October 2012 Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 6 Comments


  • nlg510 says:

    Could be fun for the kids.

  • TopherDawg says:

    I think part of the problem was everyone making their own “cars” and downloading the app for free.

  • BMW says:

    Saw them at Target on clearance last week same price 3.77 for Mcqueen.

  • chuki_mama says:

    What material is the tire made of? This looks cool, but my worry would be over time, would it scratch the surface of the iPad?

    • brittanycenter2007 says:

      The tires are made from the same plastic the entire car is made of, the tires are just for looks and do not move. There are two little metal sensors on the bottom (or maybe it was one, can’t remember) that you use to drive (you really just keep the car in the same spot). My son had a love hate relationship with it because the car is so sensitive and he didn’t understand you don’t move it but instead just turn the car to “drive” he wanted to slide it all over the screen lol!!! We have a screen protector on ours and it is definatly scratched from the car but those scratch easily anyways.

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