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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: “Stunt CARS” + Launcher

Since it’s unclear if Quick Changers will survive much longer, it seems its replacement is called the “Stunt CARS” series … plastic but they do a little more than “change” when you press down on it so a little more interactive for kids …

“This assortment celebrates those elements with 1:55 scale feature cars that, once revved, can perform five different stunts! See The King balance on his spoiler; watch Jeff Corvette do a side wheelie; be amazed as Francesco Bernoulli spins on his grill. Kids simply rev them up by pushing, then let them go!”

I’d like to see King balance on his spoiler … but it better be for reals!

There is also a Chick Hicks and Max Schnell on the list.

There’s no Finn on the list or now apparently known as “He Who Must Not Be Named.”

McQueen and Francesco are also available with a launcher device sold separately on a different card.


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