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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: Dinoco Stunt CARS Show Playset

Well, if you’re super psyched about the plastic “stunt CARS” series, here’s the accompanying playset …

“Dinoco plays an important role in Disney•Pixar Cars, providing fuel for characters and sponsoring races like the iconic Piston Cup. Now, it’s time to decide who is the most extreme at the world stunt show championships. Four stunt areas increase the action, and the winner’s circle is not immune. A kid-powered crank-up launcher sends 1:55 scale feature cars racing on two wheels to climb the inclined wall and land in the winner’s circle. Show-offs may balance on their two rear wheels for a spectacular stunt finish! Includes 1 All Star vehicle (Dinoco Lightning McQueen).”

Could be interesting if it actually works as advertised … I’m not really convinced … but if you pick one up, let us know if it works as it says …

Perhaps you just put an expensive crystal or glass object in the gray cup and try and use a car to knock it off – shattering it – THAT I can believe. 🙂

But don’t blame me. I’m a professional stunt driver on a closed road.


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