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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Fantastic Plastic CARS 2 Final Recap

With the generous help of John H. who has thoughtfully collected all his fantastic plastic CARS in one place … here is a last honor roll call to the few, the plastique, the not-often chosen and our last salute to forgotten comrades …

Action Agents

Since there was never a lot of interest in them and I knew with that pricing it would never gain any traction, I did not pay much attention to them but I believe the following characters were released: Lightning, Mater, Finn, Acer, Prof Z, Grem, Francesco, Holley, Raoul Caroule, Rod Torque, Blue Acer, Security Guard Finn, Lewis Hamilton, Hydro Finn, Russ Gremlin, & Jeff Gorvette. I’m sure this list is incomplete.

Quick Changers

Without rehashing everything, you can find great pics from John H. in our previous post along with the complete checklist.

The 1:55 Pull Back Series

There were only 4 releases for CARS 2 and this is the complete set. There are new 1:55 scale pullbacks coming in 2013 – look for post soon.

The 1:34 Pull Back Series

There is also a listing for Shu (UPC: 7-46775-09956-5) and Raoul (7-46775-09957-2) – Did they get released?

So, John H. sends along a complete lineup of all the CARS 2 pullbacks and Quick Changers … (no Action Agents):

And technically, we should add McQueen Alive as he’s about 1:50 …

And the other larger plastic CARS?

Lots and lots.


McQueen, Francesco, Max Schnell & Shu (More pics here)

Make a Face

I have seen the first wave of Make a Face Series: Mater, Lightning, Professor Z and Finn McMissile but wave 2 – is it actually out?

The 1:24 Mater

1:24 Spy Wings Mater (Walmart)

1:24 Lights & Sounds

Francesco was a Target exclusive.

1:27 Scale Spy Shifters

Gear Up & Go

Finn, Lightning & Mater.

Bomb Blasting Mater

Forget anyone?

Shake ‘n Go’s are Fisher Price as are some other plastic series …



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  • Wraukn says:

    Wheelies are missing. Hint, hint…

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Aaaah the memories…. of seeing this stuff in stores, and then leaving this stuff behind. Nice photos, John. It’s fun seeing them all lined up – easier to count the Finns.

  • John says:

    1:34 Raoul & Shu pullback racers seem to have only been released in Europe. Toys R Us Holland has them on their site for about US$18 each. (Pullbacks in the US go for about $10 each)

  • DDD says:

    I hadn’t seen the Submarine Finn Spy Shifter, which looks cool. But I saw a video online as well as a photo of the package, and it looks like the front wheels don’t shift like this photo. (Must have been a prototype.) The back wheels do shift in a cool way, though.

    If you like Submarine Finns but wish they had the breathing apparatus (which the diecast didn’t get), check out the Dive Toys set on clearance at Target. There’s a rubber Submarine Finn that looks pretty neat and includes the breathing piece. According to online reviews, the sticker eyes come off in the water, and the QC is poor considering these are pool toys. But look through to find a nice one and you’ll have a sweet (though kind of old-school), more screen-accurate Submarine Finn for your collection.

  • PirateDad says:

    Wow a lot of plastic trees had to die to make all this superfluous Cars merchandise!

  • babychristiancars says:

    the only pullback I’ve ever seen is the original mater one.

  • NascarFan says:

    Bomb Blasting Mater is in Big Lots now for 30.00, sent you photos Met.

    Nice work John.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I think too much stuff was made for this movie. We got too many diecasts released at the beginning and then nothing much afterwards until just recently. Then a whole bunch of stuff my kids didn’t even want. They got tired of seeing it everytime we went looking for new 1:55 diecasts. Too much unsold stuff just collecting dust on the shelf, so the retailers didn’t order anything new. Glad to hear Mama Topolino is getting a single release. I hope Leland Turbo gets another chance also.

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