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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: CARS 2 Returning “Favorites”

You loved them for 18 months on the Porto Corsa cards, now love them again for the first time on the second series card release (whatever that might be).

This is the FIRST singles list of returning CARS 2 diecasts for 2013 – most have been released as singles already but quite a few obvious ones are NOT on the list to be re-released … believe it or not, Petrov Trunkov is NOT on the list!

It’s hard to tell when this list of re-releases is scheduled to – additional “re-release” CARS can be added at any time and of course, some might never get a re-release. But it’s probably safe to say this list will run through about February 2013.

Things to note:

3 CARS from the Movie Moments lineup moves to the single lineup (Uncle Topolino, Mama Topolino and Security Finn). And Mater with Bomb moves from a box set to a single (I’m presuming it’s the same release).

Three of the WGP racers are not listed: Nigel, Raoul & Carla. Most likely they will simply be available in a different configuration. Don’t worry, Rip is still listed as a single. I’m going to presume Rip is not going to make a sneak blitz release in the next month and be counted as a NEW CARS 2 release in 2013, hence he is NOT on this list – still grabbing screenshots for NEW CARS 2, that checklist is coming, this one ONLY covers re-releases.

Holley is not listed as coming back as a single – probably Movie Moment or box sets.

Lemon CARS? None really listed as returning singles (not counting Vladimir and Hugo) – coming in box sets? Movie Moments? Unknown as of now. But I would find it hard to believe they will not be available in any form.

And yep, Finn is on the list …


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  • ksammut says:

    Why make Lightning, Mater, and Finn? Don’t we already have enough of these guys? I mean RIGHT?

    -Not Happy, Kenny
    (P.S. I only like all but the three above)

  • nlg510 says:

    love these cars.

  • ghostlight says:

    I know this list may be help for some but c’mon Mattel let’s get moving with the new characters. I would love to see them retire the molds for the top three just like LA did with Shaq’s jersey. I saw on YouTube from Blu Collection that Rip will be sold as a launcher. Since my son saw that video it’s been nonstop “I want that one” lol. Mattel, help a Daddy out!

  • taylor says:

    Crazy that this list of re-releases is full of Cars I’ve still too see! I bet a lot of collectors could say the same.

  • Does it really make sense to re-release Murakarmi? I was starting to think they were fixing the Chase situation (a chase per case, as I call it).

  • babychristiancars says:

    wow, a lot of these my store never carried as singles and I’m definitely happy to see they will be back.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Glad You da Bomb Mater is being released as a Single. I was never tempted to buy him but now I will gladly add him to the collection. I’m probably not even going to buy the Uncle/Mama 2 Pack either even if I see it. Don’t need an extra Uncle.

    Surprising how few Cars are going to be rereleased in 2013. I really hope by when they say Finn they mean only 1 in a Case.

    NO HUDSON HORNET PISTON CUP MCQUEEN. Looks like Mattel understood the problem and that’s why they canceled all those Cases. I never thought I’d say this but THANK YOU MATTEL! 🙂

    And I still need a Max Schnell single 😛

  • Jack says:

    I am happy to see Cars that weren’t easy to get or only available in a set released as singles. However I have to say I don’t understand how 2 packs boasting of an exclusive vehicle can have that same “exclusive” released as a single?
    Guess I’m kind of confused what an exclusive really is nowadays? Thought the Final Laps were Target only too. Guess not despite what the package says.
    Like I said I personally like to see the Cars rereleased. I’m just suprised it is happening. What exactly does exclusive mean to Mattel?

  • cac1959 says:

    Perhaps they’ll release Uncle Topolino and Mama Topolino as one single, like Guido and Luigi… Hopefully there are new Cars coming… if not, I won’t be buying very many Cars or Cars2 Cars… I’m not doing the collect them all on new cardback this time.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Looks like they replaced the 95 logo on team McQueen with WGP logos. Did they wear those WGP logos in the movie? More non-canonocity from Mattel?

  • BMW says:

    Petrov Trunkov gone? Good news.
    finn coming again. yikes
    Mater with bomb as a single. wish I could return that 5 pack I bought just to get that one.
    Holley not a single? she was not a pegwarmer.
    Mama and Uncle as singles – may not be a good idea. These are so small.

    Would like to know what the next year exclusives will be in the box sets?
    Mama Bernoulli? When? It seems like its been a year since a few of her were sold on ebay through the usual back door sellers.

  • What I need out of these are Kabuto, Mama T, Security Finn, Murakarmi, Shu and Bomb Mater.

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