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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Walmart Pricing + Price Match

Looks like Walmart joins the pricing adjusting party a day late and literally a dollar short. 🙂

The good news now is that you can take this info to price match at Target, Kohl’s and in theory Sears.*

I think you have to go to customer service at Target … good luck!

Thanks for the photo, JOHN in MO.

Is price match a huge hassle if it’s not in the circular ad? We do not get a WM ad and the WM LOCAL AD feature on their website does not work for me so …

*”LLC-20’s adventure” in attempting a price match at Sears …

I did get some cars at sears .99 cents price match after alot of hassle. their advertisement says plus 10 % of the difference, the store mgr. would not do the 10 percent and really didnt want to do the price match. I think its class action time, they really pissed me off… Can you find out if anyone else has trouble with getting the price match. I took in the paper, not good enough. They had to call the store to see if they had stock and ask if the price was .99 cents. The guy from sears got no response from target and gave up and said he would not price match. So I called and got someone there at target to say they had stock and on sale and their store number. They told that to the guy at sears, he still didnt want to do it, so here comes the manager. He didnt want to either, said he has take a loss, then I asked for the extra 10 off and he said no way. So I settled for $.99 – if a store does not want to price match then they should live up to what they do say.


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  • BMW says:

    I went to Sears on the day after the price sale started at Target, with my Target newspaper ad and my Target receipts. The cashier did call in the manager, and she did wonder a bit because the Target ad did not show any characters except Mcqueen. But with my receipts and the ad in hand the manager matched the the price and gave an additional 30 percent off she called it “Sears price match guarantee”. I did not ask for the additional percentage off. The cars ended up costing 69 cents plus tax.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Regarding Sears, I would contact your state’s Office of Attorney General to lodge a complaint.

  • cac1959 says:

    Kohl’s matched the 99 cent price for me; I had the Target ad on my phone… never saw Cars at Sears during the sale… Kmart had Cars for 99 cents and when I returned from vacation the local Meijer had them for $1.00…

    If a store/business advertises a policy and doesn’t follow through with the policy that is deceptive… false advertising… I’m not a lawyer but I think they could be in trouble for not honoring what they advertise.

    Going to check out the local Walmart… but ours has just had pegwarmers for so long that I don’t expect to find anything worth buying… If I didn’t buy Finn at 99 cents I won’t buy him at $1.97.

    Thanks for the picture and the heads up, John in Missouri.

    Met – are we still on for the US reset this Sunday?

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