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Nutella: Free Nutella Via Class Action Lawsuit

No idea what the original lawsuit was? That eating Nutella contained nuts? It’s not a calorie free food? That if you eat Nutella only – you might get scurvy? I guess if you can sue if you break into a house and break your leg, why not sue a hazelnut spread for … being too hazelnutty?


So, apparently this is the way to eat Nutella now – with milk, OJ, pears, strawberries and an orange – how much Vitamin C do you need?

But Nutella decided to settle the class action suit. If you eat Nutella, you can get up to $20 back.

Details HERE.

Note – the total settlement is only $2.5 million – if redemptions are over the amount, you don’t get $4 per jar … so hurry?

(I’m guessing the lawyers don’t have to be mindful of this).


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17 April 2012 Food 6 Comments


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