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Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changer: Time to Practice, “Luke …”

Now, you can sound just like Darth Vader …


Hopefully you are a deep bass like James Earl Jones and not all Jar Jar.

You can find it at Entertainment Earth. Not a bad deal, only $19.99.

You can switch to other voices but something tells me the FIRST LINE uttered through these will be … “Luke …”

Disguise your voice like Darth Vader’s, General Grievous’, or Boba Fett’s! Select one of the three available characters from Star Wars, position the Spy Gear Voice Changer in front of your mouth, and listen as your voice changes as you speak. Select the Darth Vader mode and experience the classic Vader breathing effect! Ages 6 and up.

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18 April 2012 star wars 2 Comments


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