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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Metallic Francesco Bernoulli (No, The Other One)

I know when someone says METALLIC CARS, you think of the Disney CHASE Metallic Francesco Bernoulli. But long time collectors might remember back to the days of yore when Mattel also released CARS … 🙂  or 🙁 …

Can you remember back that far? When you & your best date would stroll hand in hand, get some pop for quarter and over the boardwalk to Toys R Us?

Remember a time of listening to LP’s and hearing the word “gingham” at least once a day?

Those days might be back … someday …

Toys R Us exclusive – it will probably sell in stores as an exclusive and later, there might be another promotion, buy X dollars of CARS items and get this “free.”

No word as to when they’ll arrive – drop us a line if you see it.

I guess TRU is ready to put the past behind us and price for the future …

Guess the days of $.99 diecasts are long gone …

Well, it does make buying $25 worth of CARS, get metallic Francesco free that much easier … Why clear off the pegs for the new pegwarmers of the Queen, or Funny CAR Mater when Finn holds down the fort/pegs.

Or is pricing now just double the price of gallon of gas and moves up & down?

Thanks for the photos of TRU, “CAC1959.”

Oh and it’s also NOT this metallic Francesco

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  • chevyman46933 says:

    i noticed the prices of the singles was jacked up at tru when every other store had them for .99 to get rid of them, so what did tru do? raise the price from 4.19 (already the highest around) to 4.99 then put them bogo. guess that worked, since they have the same same stock now as they did before the sale!
    by the way all my targets and walmarts that had the 99 cent sale, every stores pegs are completely restocked with the same old crap the day after the sale. guess i wont be seeing anything new around me for a while. have yet to see ramone chase anywhere but orlando!

  • TheCarCollector says:

    Mattel should really give their diecasts other names. Metalic Francesco Bernoulli was taken so name it Rare Francesco Bernoulli! Mattel needs to speed it up!

  • cac1959 says:

    I’ve seen photos of Metallic Raoul Caroule, Miguel Camino, and Francesco… I am tired of waiting to add them to my collection… the metallic paint Cars from Cars2 are my favorite Cars2 Cars.

  • bubbabob says:

    I don’t have any of them. What were the other releases?

  • John in Missouri says:

    So how many metallic releases have there been at TRU? I have the first 3 but have lost track.

    • John says:

      Four so far: at TRU Lightning, Nigel and Jeff Gorvette, plus the blue metallic blu-ray Finn.

      There have also been four “silver” cars in the Connect puzzles and silver and gold Lightnings in the Finish Line Frenzy game.

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