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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecasts: Kmart CARS Day #8 Case Assortment Buying Guide & Checklist

It looks like the next Kmart CARS Day on June 16, 2012 will feature the entire 11-CAR World Grand Prix racers CARS 2 set – including Rip! – with what they are calling double zamak paint.

Now, I do not have a 100% confirmation but it’s certainly looking like it.

The case will contain 24 CARS so with the 13 (presumed) CARS listed in this release, obviously there is not going to be 2 in each case … The first 7 listed are pretty much confirmed including Acer with Welding Torch.

The last 6 are “probable.” There are only low res versions of the other 5 racers but since they are available, it seems to make sense they are included in Day #8 but no guarantees as of now. The other non-racer is just listed as “Paris Scene CAR,” but since this windshield eyes CAR has popped up on other lists as coming soon, I’m going to guess that it’s this one but it’s listed as probable as of now.

So it looks like Kmart will definitely sell a lot more cases this time.

You in?

If you want to see high res images of the Top 6, you can check out this post.


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