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Mattel Disney Pixar Decast CARS 2: Toy Fair 2012 Oversized Deluxe CARS

Again, nothing really new but closer to production look-sees …

Dragster Mater

Just in time for the Jubilee or the other way around … 🙂

Anyone else thinks we needs a Lights & Sounds version that plays this

Like you really another picture …

Taia still not talking yet …

Shouldn’t this be the one lenticular screen truck?

Or an iPhone speaker?

The left side …

Yea, I got anthropomorphic toys on my brain … I thought the back image to the right was something from Adult Swim with two eyes, a mouth and headphones … was wondering when Mattel got that license, then realized it’s more commonly referred to as a water cooler.

Thanks for the nice pics, “Sloopy Hang On.”

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