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A ‘Clean’ Contest Courtesy of Fuller Brush Co – WINNER!

Fuller Brush floor care

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Tizmanian

 And the winner is…..Mike Manifold!  Mike, shoot Tizmanian an email at tizmanian (at) yahoo (dot) com with your physical address so we can get your prize mailed out!

We loved all of the entries in this one so we had to select the winner randomly.  More contest fun to come!

Occasionally we get asked to review products that fall outside of our normal wheel house (heh) and this is one of those times.

The Fuller Brush Company provided samples of their wood floor care product to me and asked if we would post about it.  Rather than take a few bucks, I said I would give it an honest review as long as they provided one (1) product sample free to one of our readers and they agreed! So, before the contest rules, the review!

Mrs Tizmanian was gracious enough to give their product a spin as we happen to have hardwood floors in our home.

We have two dogs and two younger Tizmanian’s running around so they get a real workout.  I know, I know. Some of you may think I just suckered the wife into some 1950’s role play, but truth to tell, she keeps Casa Tizmanian sparkly and clean all the time and what do I know about keeping floors clean?  My idea of wiping up a spill is to use my socks.

So! On to the questions from me, your trusty Co-Founder, grilling our master home care technician, about its properties:

  • “Does the product do a good job of cleaning?”

Mrs Tiz: “Yes, I say it does. The bucket of water was pretty nasty after the job was done which means it was taking up a lot of the week’s grime.”

  • “Did you like the finish?”

Mrs Tiz: “Yes, I did but it looked more like a matte finish than a shine but I like more of a matte finish anyway so I liked that. Plus, to be fair, our floors are old so getting a shine on them is hard.”

  • “Was it easy to use?”

Mrs Tiz: “It was easy but I normally like to use a cloth to scrub the old fashioned way and this product is designed to be used with a mop so that is just something your readers may want to know.”

So, it looks like it’s a winner – it cleans, has a nice finish, and is easy to use.  How about that?

Now – on to the contest!

Using the comments section to this post, explain what your favorite home delivery product was as a kid…for those too young to remember home deliver, list what you wish you could have delivered to your home (keep it clean folks – we’re family friendly here).

Two posts per day allowed. Contest will end on next Friday, Feb 3rd.  I will announce the winner on Saturday, Feb. 4th.  U.S. residents only I’m afraid as the winner’s prize will be shipped directly to their homes from The Fuller Brush Company.

Have fun!

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