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MagCloud Sale: Take Five Checklist Magazine Sale

MagCloud is having a sale* …

So, all of our magazines are $1 to @$2 off … CARS 1 is now complete. 6 volumes cover Desert Art to Lenticulars. Each issue features high res photos of everything released under that motif or year.

Click through to each magazine issue and underneath is a button to launch the preview.

Issue #7 is for all the Expanded Universe CARS: Storytellers, Toons, Mail-Aways, exclusives, etc, etc … Issue #8 is detailed information on the most collectible releases of each series – in some cases, counterfeit CARS spotting as it were.

The “annual” issues feature everything released in that given year/design motif-theme including all cards, box sets, playsets and anything relevant … the OPENER issues are just that. No on-card photos, just a individual checklist of every CAR open since in 95% of the cases, if you’re opening, they pretty much look the same from Supercharged or Final Lap (exceptions and variants are noted).

You have two choices. COMPLETE EVERYTHING includes every mainline, and every expanded universe CARS diecast from 2006 to 2011.

COMPLETE MAINLINE 2006 to 2011 does not include Toons or the Holiday Storytellers plus a few others not “mainline.” That is the difference.

Thanks for your support and enjoy! (Your purchase supports TakeFive).

*Note – while Magcloud’s Sale says 25% off, it’s really 25% off the wholesale price which is different than our retail price (which varies depending on the page count) so it translate into $1-$2 off …


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