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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Variant Collectors Unite …

There is now a Shu Todoroki that makes all the other releases a variant.

Three changes:

Front diffuser now black (I believe that’s what the part is called).

Windows black and not dark gray.

Eyebrows gray instead of very faint light gray.

NOTE: The rubber tire versions looks like the original Shu release (on the right).

And going by the illustration, these new production changes are more closer to the “official” look … though you could quibble about the window color.

But basically with CARS 2, there are minor to noticeable variants of nearly every release – mainly because there are two plants making CARS 2 diecasts. Outside of Lightning McQueen’s new (permanent?) variant of a 1-piece body versus a 2-piece segmented face, this Shu is probably the 2nd most significant change.

Also of note – the Raoul Caroule that is mostly one piece of metal and the other one with the “ready for lenticular” windshield.

Photo from David V. – thanks!

So, many of the “extras” are not really extras if you’re a completist variant collector.

Collect ’em all.


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15 January 2012 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 10 Comments


  • Jack says:

    What’s new, more slight variations of the same cars available in 10 different formats. Wake me up when there are actual new exciting cars (preferably singles or sets with a at least a few new ones) available at retail stores. Until then this is just a nightmare of a time for cars collectors.

  • thebreezz says:

    I think I have another to add to the list. The Shu in the 10 car race pack has a Black splitter with white eyes. So I have the 1st release of Shu in the Launchers with white splitter and eyes, then the single came out with gray eyes and Black splitter and last release in the 10 pack with Black splitter and white eyes.

  • Tom says:

    Shu is one of the best looking Cars 2 cars out there, I reckon.
    Really would’ve been cool if more of the WGP Cars had more character development and lines in the film.
    Those easy-change eyes look rubbish.

  • BMW says:

    black splitter – single ( canon)
    white splitter – Kmart (rubber tires) , Launcher , Target 4 pack

  • flophunter says:

    i think the white on white looks better

  • D J says:

    Rubber tire Francessco is also a variant. his head is a much harder plastic than the regular one.

  • Dunroamin says:

    The rubber tired version has a white front fairing and gray window..Is that wah’t pictured met? Or is there actually a plastic tired version that matched the RT version?

    (MET; yea, sorry – forgot to note, the rubber tire version is exactly the same as the first plastic version – pictured on the right).

  • rpag says:

    I really hope they stay away from lenticulars this time. Although I collected them all the first time around, I am not interested in doing it again

  • jestrjef says:

    UGH! It is truly amazing … yet totally sad … gasp … to collect them all or not lol

  • pwschuh says:

    The aero piece down low in front is called a “splitter.” A diffuser is something that would be found at the bottom of the rear of the car. The front splitter provides a clean break between the air that goes under the car (which you want to be minimized), and the air that passes over and around the car. At the rear underbody, a diffuser diffuses the underbody air back into the airstream at the rear of the car in a way that minimizes drag at the back of the car.

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