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Contest Winner! Disney D23 Expo Woody Exclusive!

Congrats to DANRIO!

Contest was to tell us … “a brief description of the toy you hung onto the longest from your childhood or the toy you missed most from your childhood or the toy you missed most because you saw it on eBay …”

Thanks for the prize donation Mariela, Pablo & son!

Sorry this took so long – got lost in the holiday shuffle.

Original Contest Post HERE.


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15 January 2012 Contests 6 Comments


  • Mike Manifold says:

    Wow, what cool, funny, and heartwarming stories. Here is yours Danrio, hope you don’t mind my reposting it….


    When I was about ten years old, my parents bought me a “remote controlled” robot made by Ideal Toys. He was known as “Robert the Robot”. Robert’s “remote control” was a 3 to 4 foot cable (non electric, by the way) attached at one end to his back and the other to a hand held control unit which looked like a hand gun. The control performed 2 functions. There was a crank which, when turned, operated wheels under Robert which propelled him forward or backward depending on the direction the crank was turned. There was a trigger which operated another set of wheels under Robert to steer him left or right. Robert had spring loaded “pinchers” for hands and, with operator assistance, could hold and carry small objects which he would drop from time to time because his arms swung as he “walked”. Robert had a record disk inside him that was turned by a crank on his back to give Robert a very limited ability to speak. Robert didn’t do anything else, he just obeyed the commands from the remote control. Of course, the operator had to follow him around.

    While my parents probably paid no more than $10 for my Robert back then, there is a relatively recent nostalgic remake of this toy which sells for around $100 (currently on Amazon). It is similar in operation to the original and purportedly made from the original dies, but an electronic box has been substituted for the record disc.

    Now, as a senior citizen, I see Robert as a reminder of an era when things were simpler and a new one with an electronic voice just wouldn’t be the same. Kind of like that new and better highway that was built near Radiator Springs!

    I’m not quite sure what happened to my Robert, but I believe he might have been left in an old toy box in my parents’ attic and given away after I left home for the army. I remember my older brother asked me if he could give some things to a friend with several children who were less fortunate than we were. Kind of like in Toy Story 3!

  • danrio says:


    I’m not used to being in the limelight this much! Thanks Mike, Thanks BumperSave, and thanks expecially to Mariela, Pablo & Son for providing the wonderful Woody marionette from D23. All of the entries were worthy and can be seen at the link provided above just above the first picture of Woody’s Roundup where it says “Original Contest Post HERE”.

    danrio (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Way to go, Danrio! What was the winning entry?

  • Bumper Save says:

    Congrats Danrio!

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