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Artist Paul Conrad: Concept & Finished Art from Pixar’s UP

Artist Paul Conrad has posted some art he did when he worked on UP, again, the great dedication and attention to detail … for instance, all the examples of the airline tickets Carl & Ellie never get to use that he presented to pick from … something that is on screen for a few seconds …

Or every one of Russell’s badges – carefully designed so you don’t question the little dude earned them all …

Notice the Squirrel self defense badge? 🙂

What’s the hat and handlebar mustache one? Bare knuckles boxing? Sarsaparilla making? And obviously the Ball with a Star is a CGI Animated Short making badge …


Or you have to make a few dozens of old school bottle cap tops to choose from  … otherwise UP is ruined ENTIRELY. 🙂

If you click on the front page, you can see the evolution of his other ideas from scratch to concept to finish – fun stuff (unless you’re a budding artist, then it might make you sad. 🙂  ).


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12 January 2012 Disney Pixar, Film 6 Comments


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