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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Quick Changers & London Motif Art

If you’re curious about the new QUICK CHANGERS Stephenson train & Mack, here ya go (you can see it next to 1:55 diecast car in the launcher package) for scale.

While the Mack is not very large, his back does open and you can drive Lightning McQueen in – Stephenson also fits a diecast … Here are the open pics.

And it looks like CARS 2 diecast year 2 will be “London Big Ben” themed/motif.

And if you didn’t notice, it’s back to just CARS – which makes sense as with two movies, Toons shorts, Planes, the Disney Resort Park lineup (Pirate Mater) and even CARS Land opening in 6-7 months – it’s confusing to have too many lines and since a lot of characters are crossing over (besides the obvious like Mater & McQ but others like Padre, Barney Storming, etc, etc …), it’s simpler just to call it CARS. And then Planes and air related diecasts fall under the CARS Take Flight lineup …

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  • cac1959 says:

    I have the 4 singles from the first case assortment and Stephenson and Mack – all are on the Italy cardback… I’ve seen Mack and Stephenson on the new cardback but did not buy them.

    I’ve seen the race set at both Target ($27.99) and Meijer ($24.99) but decided not to buy it even though it comes with an exclusive Quick Changer Car… I still haven’t found the Raoul Caroule or Francesco singles.

  • John says:

    Stephenson is also a launcher.

    We have noticed that some of the 2012 Cars single, CHASE RS Ramone for example, are still on Porto Corsa cards but with vertical cut card sides instead of the 2011 ‘V’ cut sides. I don’t think anyone has seen a mainline die cast with a London card back yet?

  • DDD says:

    That Big Bentley in the center of the background is an odd design choice as it will spike up out of the vehicles, as it does here.

  • Dunroamin says:

    I’ve seen all these on the pegs and did not even notice the scenery change…sorry Mr. or Mrs. package designer 🙁

    The mater one is the only one that is pretty cool…the others are ok…everything is plastic 🙁

  • jestrjef says:

    Looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings to the pegs!!!! BRING THEM ON!!!!

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