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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2: Collect & Connect Puzzle Diecast Variants

The last two Collect & Connect puzzle are out. Each comes with a “exclusive” diecast car – both actually quite nice.

Francesco is nice with the silver piping instead of the white plastic – it’s still plastic but nicer looking … McQueen is a step up in more ways than one. On the surface, it just seems he got the silver 95 logo plus silver chrome rims and wheels but he’s also the totally inconceivable return of 1-piece non-segmented face Lightning McQueen! Inconceivable!

Yep, he’s all one diecast body! Smooth and so much nicer … plus his windshield/eyes/eyebrows are also part of the frame meaning he’s lenticular-proof. 🙂

Comparo between Finish Line Frenzy Lightning McQueen (R) and Collect & Connect Lightning (L). Note the cutout around Finish Line Frenzy’s LM’s windshield – he could go lenticular at any time – stand back! And his face could fall off with a love tap – AWKWARD!

It does look like some newly minted singles of “regular” CARS 2 Lightning McQueen are of the non-segmented 1-face variety so it you don’t want a variant of a variant, just go for the regular variant. Interestingly enough, they all have the same product number.

But that extra metal came at the cost of binding tape …

The non-plastic extra metal had to come out of somewhere, it came out of the tape budget. While Collect & Connect puzzles 1 & 2 was heavily taped into the window area that require serious cutting, Collect & Connect puzzles 3 & 4 received a grand total of ZERO tape so shake it up, baby to see if the real car is still in there. It’s easy if you try. Watch me now.

Or if you’re real lucky like I as above (above), I also got some free mice also who made the box it’s temporary home. Don’t worry, I dropped them off in the clearance candy section (It might be a raisin!?)

It’s like a mystery blind box of non-tape lameness.

For now, these are the last of the four but I would not be surprised if they started a new four. Or leave the numbering open ended? Of course, they would have to gather back up the Fellowship of the Collect & Connect Puzzle Genius Designers … can they reassemble that Dream Team? Or should I say Super Geniuses?

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  • pixarlover says:

    Number 3 of 4 & 4 of 4 collect and connect puzzles can be made to look nicer. Many people myself included are finding these with the cars all topsy turvey loose in the package. If you use the double sided scotch tape that is about 1/4 ” wide (scrapbookers use this stuff)  it works good to return the packaging to presetable collectable look. The round sticky dots sealing the package come off nice if removed carefully. Make sure you remove excess glue …note super glue and hot glue do not work well I tried that on the boxes that will be played with after Christmas.

  • Dunroamin says:

    Found the one piece mcqueen on single card today at WM…nothing else though…it’s way nicer than the 2 piece one…paint and decals are a lot nicer and cleaner

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    It seems like quite a few are changing to this new 1 piece model now. Leland Turbo and Tamiko, the purple Kabuki dancer are also one piece. It’s nice to see Mattel is working a bit harder with their models.

  • Dunroamin says:

    I would buy a solid body mcqueen just so the color of his front bumper matched…there are some mcqueens whose noses are way off or possibly not even painted…

  • BMW says:

    Fun post. There was a shake up in the puzzle dept? Did the dream team leave on account of the single bead of clear glue that did not hold the insert box in place. 🙂

  • John in Missouri says:


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