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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Next 4-Packs (Target Only?)

It seems likely the next 4-packs are Target-only but there’s no definitely indication.

Raoul, Lewis, Jeff Gorvette AND …

(Raoul’s Caroule’s Crew Chief) Bruno Motoreau. He is also scheduled as a single. I believe the Kmart 2-pack of Raoul & Bruno is canceled.

Nigel, Francesco, Lightning & Nigel’s crew chief PLUS …

Nigel’s Crew Chief, Austin Littleton. As of now, he is scheduled in no other release format.

There is also a box with Jeff Gorvette, Lightning McQueen, Carla Veloso & Jeff Grovette fan … It’s pretty impossible to guess which one as there is no sceen in which a fan rushes up to Gorvette so … maybe it’s this one since it looks like Andrea (from CARS)

The 4th listed set is: Max Schnell, Shu Todoroki, Miguel Camino and Max’s fan …

He does appear clearly in the trailer … an Opel Minivan?

Or a new Mini Cooper repaint …



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