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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Ultimate Chase – Ultimate Futility?

Starting soon (in theory), we are going to get Ultimate Chase CARS – previously CHASE CARS were packed 1 to a case – and probably ranged in release production of 10,000 to 25,000 actually produced based on cases sold of an assortment.

All CHASE CARS were generally either re-packaged CARS (Italian card Ferrari F430) or with separate accessories (McQueen with Piston Cup) or slightly modified CARS (Snot Rod with Boot) so they were a nice bonus to a case – and for the most part, relatively easy to find as they were packed 1 to every case assortment with new cases generally arriving every 3-5 weeks. At the end of CARS (1), with the retail disinterest in lenticulars, the number of each particular CHASE CAR available at retail dropped more and more to an unknown distribution number.

CHASE CARS have been on hold since the last lenticular case – approximately February 2011.

For CARS 2, Mattel wants to make it harder to find and complete your CARS by introducing ULTIMATE CHASE CARS which will not be in every case but every 3rd? 6th? 9th? Unknown to the actual number and distribution.


Well, the simplest explanation is that Hot Wheels does it. So, it must be a good thing, right?

Well, not if you actually know the CARS line but hey, if it’s good enough for Hot Wheels, it must be good for CARS 2.

So far, they have released about 50 CARS (not counting eye versions or repaints or rubber tires) and outside of a wild over-shipment of Finn & Zen Pitty Master (with Mater) and slight over-pack of Mater & Francesco’s – everything else diecast is a virtual sellout so let’s ignore all that – and make sure a new release is made in minimal quantity at maximum cost.

First, Hot Wheels would be deliriously happy if 90% of their releases are a sellout but more importantly, Hot Wheels chase cars are to inject collectibility to a mass market line that has hundreds of releases a year … Not so with CARS which are each unique characters. The previous CARS chase program served that purpose by offering modified versions of the characters where collectors would definitely be interested but some collectors might simply pass if it’s just packaging or an accessory.

So, why give up the extra sales of a release when 90% of every release is a sellout?

I do not know nor understand. When you have a 90% sellout, why do you need to jazz up the line? Why not release more characters when you only have a 10% chance of “failure.” And it’s not as if no one has or does not want Finn, Francesco, Mater or Zen Master Pitty … so if you discount the overshipment factor, basically – everything is a sellout since 2006. There have been close to 600 diecasts released since 2006 – minus the 3-4 Semi Cabs & Trunk Fresh Pitty, everything else has sold out on the shelves within a weeks to at most a few months. And yet, someone thought it was important to cut back on releases to “jazz” up the line?

Instead of selling 20,000 or more of (presumably) the first ULTIMATE CHASE of Jan “Flash” Nilsson and this version is known as “Flash,” Mattel will go to extra expense just to sell a few thousand?

Why exactly?

Because as John Lasseter notes in the video,stock room employees can pick up a few extra bucks while Mattel makes much less producing a few thousand when they could make a lot more producing 20,000-30,000? Guess the bean counter says TOO MUCH MONEY COMING IN – slow this train down?

Of course, part II of the game plan is that Hot Wheels releases a box set of their treasure hunts … will the CARS Group? Or be satisfied with losing a few thousand on selling a few thousand and calling it a day?

And an extra bonus of annoying customers … in case anyone is taking tally, count me as annoyed in case you couldn’t tell. 🙂

It’s a lose-lose-lose for everyone other than people who re-sell on secondary markets. Guess that’s all that matters? Of course, CARS is not Hot Wheels but hey, what’s a loss of a tens of thousands between friends & the bottom line when the Hot Wheels game plan is working so well FOR THEM.

Anyway, here’s the ULTIMATE CHASE LIST.

Fernando Alonso of Spain (Miguel Camino body).

Memo Rojas Jr. – Mexico (Max Schnell body)

Vitaly Petrov – Russia (Max Schnell body)

Mark “Frosty” Winterbottom  – Australia (Max Schnell body)

And Long Ge – China (Max Schnell body)

(thanks for the heads up “Fillmore1234.”)

What do think of the ULTIMATE CHASE program (not the CARS diecasts of course – they would be great to be able to BUY).

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  • James Daniel says:

    After asking a Disney store employee last night about the spanish racer (which hasnt shown up in UK) i was told they had HUNDREDS of McQueen and Maters in the back and any new cars just fly off the shelves when put out. Madness! i just wonder if anyone at Mattel has taken any blame or lost there job over the amount of overstocking of certain cars?

  • danrio says:

    In my opinion, Treasure Hunt and even Super Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels are more acceptable than the concept of “Ultimate Chase” in the cars2 lineup simply because the initial selling price of the Hot Wheels is currently just over a dollar while the Cars2 diecasts are selling for close to (and sometimes even more than) Five Dollars. If you consider that Treasure Hunts in the immediate aftermarket often go for 5 – 10 dollars and Supers go for about twice that, Cars2 Ultimates could potentially demand, proportionately, 50 to 100 dollars each! Just for the sake of “completion”, my pocketbook would have a difficult time managing that!
    If you don’t get lucky, you might not get it at all!

    While I agree with Stig’s comment on the 16th about collateral sales of peg warmers, I also think that Mattel must be thinking that Ultimates will create more interest and get new collectors involved. They may just lose more than they think they’ll gain, while store employees and early bird Hot Wheels collectors will be the winners.

    I, personally, am getting tired of going on wild goose chases and snipe hunts and certainly would not look forward to more of them.

  • Ghostlightcharlie says:

    Yet again unfair is the name of the game, as Dunroamin says, a lot of these will be “wasted” as such. Far far better to produce more characters and even out the cases, put a better mix in them instead of swamping us with more & and more of the EASY’S LMQ FINN MATER etc. As James Daniel said in Dec in the UK we will be lucky to even see Chase cars let alone buy them, come on Mattel play the game more Cars more sales…. Makes perfect scence to me.It’s Apple 84 & Mood Springs all over again and it just ain’t right. Give everyone a chance!

  • James Daniel says:

    Fernando Alonso (F1 driver) car is the only car with a dif body shape, somehow i think this might be the CHASE….super chase.

  • CHERIE says:

    I definitely will not be making any special trips for these. Cars 2 cars have been the biggest disappointment ever, but at least I am saving some $.

  • jamarmiller says:

    I hope they just release all of these guys later in a special group pack

  • James Daniel says:

    Being in the UK means i will either find lots or nothing at all, Still amazes me how some cars can be overflowing on the shelves “zen” and others just never appear at all “chase yeti” fingers crossed for this as i have come to the conclusion that a complete collection of what has been released will never happen so to find the odd superchase would be great, Its all part of the fun strolling towards the cars and finding that one new or rare car. If it was just a case of going to your nearest ASDA (walmart) and picking up the latest release without any of the chasing and running around would it be half the fun?
    I know its kind of early to ask this, BUT! do we know with any certainty that we will see a CARS3? because imagine the day this all comes to an end and they stop producing these little diecasts, i cant imagine ever seeing a similar line with what some call little works of art, Hotwheels dont come close. Long may the crazyness that is Mattels CARS line last.

  • Bumper Save says:

    Either the Super Chase cars are going to be impossible to find or there will be a comical misjudgement by Mattel and they will be the next Finn. That would be funny.

  • TheCaptain says:

    Sounds like an attempt to get me into the stores after i gave up regular visits months ago. Every once in a while i stop in but the days of weekly shopping (and every opportunity inbetween) are long gone. The only positives are the extra money and time.

  • quercy says:

    Like Mater use to say “WHAT THEEEEEE…” I think everything have been said. for me it’s something to forget.

    Fisrt we will NEVER see them on ANY peg. The only persons who will have them in their hands are the stores employees and ebay winners. I do not believe someone will pay $4.19 at any cash register…. This marketing is completely ridiculous. The one per case CHASE is the limit. Beyond that is not adding any value to this collection of universe of cars. Especially these cars does not even appear in the movie…

    Conclusion: NOT INTERESTED AT ALL.

  • eltonlin98 says:

    What the heck is Mattel thinking? Are you collectors willing to take risks, chances, for a repaint?! I mean, it would be nice to see on the shelves, but nothing to be expected of, like if you want these, you better be redy to break your heart.

  • Tom says:

    It would be cool to find one of these, but I am not going to get my hopes up.
    I agree with His Met-ness on all accounts.
    “…as John Lasseter notes in the video,stock room employees can pick up a few extra bucks while Mattel makes much less producing a few thousand when they could make a lot more producing 20,000-30,000?”
    I hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen, but it probably does…

  • FireFox91 says:

    I really have yet to talk to a collector of any toy like that thought chase items were a good idea. Collectors hate them because they are so hard to get or cost so much. But lets face it, Disney Cars are about kids. My 5 year old who loves cars knows nothing of chase cars, case packouts, distribution. He is a kid, why should he? He just likes cars and if he saw any of these ones, he would want them. But can he get them? Not likely because I can’t justify paying stupid money for a 4 dollar car. That is the shame in all this.

  • elixirdream says:

    This is what they are doing over here for the excessive mater and finn.
    They started this week (TRU) by bundle mater and finn together! So it is a buy one free one thing. I think this only happens at stores which have excessive mater and finn.

  • BMW says:

    Met’s question what do I/we think of the Super Ultimate Chase program?
    Not much.
    Bring in someone at Mattel who knows Cars and the people who collect them.

    Cars people are so different from hot wheels people who apparently have the time to go to the stores daily and raid the fresh stock.

    Just saw that the 2011 factory sealed set is up for the red line club members on 12/20/11. Are we going to see something like this for Pixar Cars fans??

    Available only to RLC™ members for a 24-hour Priority Window: :
    12/20/11, 9:00 AM PT

    Any remaining quantities available to ALL HWC members: 12/21/11, 9:00 AM PT

    You thought last year’s set was big? Wait till you see the Hot Wheels 2011 Factory-Sealed Set! It’s jam-packed with all 453 mainline cars, plus the four special edition mail-away promotional cars and a signed quality control certificate. There are only 550 sets available so be there early to get yours when the RLC window of opportunity opens on Tuesday, December 20th at 9:00 AM PT.

  • I-LUV-CARS says:

    This post is very depressing to me 🙁 I already have a hard time finding new releases here and now there is an Ultimate Chase? More like Ultimate disappointment! These are really awesome cars but without help I will neither be able to get them, or afford them :'(

    If one of us was in charge of the shipping distribution and cars production Mattel would make millions more!!!

  • Wraukn says:

    We all know that the Hot Wheels guys will be the ones scooping up all these super chases. They should’ve just done a mail-in with 5 proofs of purchase for each of these. That would get rid of all the peg warmers like the TRU mail ins a couple years ago.

  • James Daniel says:

    The fact that i found more than ten of luigi and guido with paint can and roller. and more than 20 of dropped bumper fred means i have a chance right?

  • bd says:

    Well if MET is finally venting his frustration then we know we’re in trouble.

  • Carsman126 says:

    Fernando Alonso of Spain actually uses Miguel Camino body. I own a custom of this and it is great. Exactly like the picture!!!

  • John says:

    Very well put Met; Super Chase Cars have a bright future… on eBay.

  • Outlawbak says:


  • Stig McQueen says:

    I doubt Mattel even knows or understands that it overshipped anything. The only thing they know is that “product” isn’t selling. It matters not that everything that’s not FMM, Race Team Mater or Zen Pitty has sold out quickly; their “numbers” say different. They have unhappy retailers with unsold product that hasn’t moved for months, and they’re not going to order any more unless/until Mattel gives them a reason to. So rather than take back the pegwarmers and ship something that will actually sell, they’ve launched a gimmick to make the retailers order new cases in the hope that the prospect of finding a “super chase” will somehow sell off all those unwanted FMMs.

    Wonder how many FMMs will be in every super-chase case…

    Oh, and as an added bonus, it’s guaranteed to tick off everyone who’s been buying any new CARS they happen to stumble upon. Everyone loses in the end. Great plan!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    There is Long Ge (Chinese). He’s the only one I can think of at the moment.

  • cac1959 says:

    When will Mattel realize… Cars collectors are not like Hot Wheels collectors… I have been an enthusiastic Cars collector since early 2007… but through Mattel’s treatment of “us” my enthusiasm has diminished… starting product lines (haulers, crew chiefs, pittys, pit stop launchers) and then stopping them… over-saturation of Cars2 items (singles: Finn, Mater, McQueen, Francesco… Deluxe: Submarine Finn, Holley with Wings, etc…) Proper customer service and satisfaction is important… Mattel and some of the Cars retailers don’t get it… and if that’s not addressed they won’t be getting my money in the future.

    I might pay above retail once… but I won’t make it the habit that it has been due to not being able to find new Cars inventory in the county very often.

  • John in Missouri says:


    *Short for “let’s chase away our customers”.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I can’t wait to actually find one of these cars in the wild. The challenge is what makes this hobby fun. Working together with the other collectors is enjoyable too. To this day, I still haven’t seen a Trunk Fresh Pitty in a store either.

  • pwschuh says:

    I haven’t mentioned it in a few months so let me just say once again how happy I am I stopped collecting CARS cars when my collection from the first movie was complete.

    • Dunroamin says:

      You have haulers and pitties representing all the sponsors? LOL. N20 Cola pitties, shiny wax hauler just to name a few!

      I hate the chase format. What I do love is some mom will pick up a super chase for her son, bust it open and the thing will have no paint on it in a month…hey look, it looks like max schnell!

    • Mr. T says:

      I concur!! Although I do miss it sometimes… 🙁

    • jmularczyk says:

      Me Too. I’ve bought a few Car 2 cars here and there – I still stop by the Cars display often but the only new cars I see are packaged in 4 packs or greater. If they would have offered more variety in singles packs then I would probably be on board.

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