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Happy Thanksgiving & Turkey Day!

Thanks Caitlin-FPG for the great artwork above.

Remember, there are 4 football games today!

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions – 12:30 PM EST

Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys – 4:15 PM EST

San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens – 8:20 PM EST

& of course, your family touch football game. 🙂

The WSJ has thoughtfully listed all 32 rules in case disputes need to be settled.

8. It’s two-hand touch. One-hand touch is for lazy people who buy turkey sandwiches out of vending machines.

And Black Friday starts at 9 PM tonight at TRU.

The world’s largest pie – hope yours measures up!


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24 November 2011 Disney Pixar CARS 3 8 Comments


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